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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 IDM- integration addon IDM- integration addon
Publisher: Dev. Group
User count: 486,280
Rating: 27
IDM integration - adds "Download with IDM" context menu item for the file links
#2 Plasma Integration Plasma Integration
Publisher: kde-chrome
User count: 214,444
Rating: 230
Provides better integration with the KDE Plasma 5 desktop.
#3 Vonage® Integration Suite Vonage® Integration Suite
User count: 28,852
Rating: 10
Cloud phone system integration with top business applications. Done better.
#4 GNOME Shell integration GNOME Shell integration
User count: 689,820
Rating: 314
This extension provides integration with GNOME Shell and the corresponding extensions repository
#5 uGet Integration uGet Integration
Publisher: Gobinath
User count: 13,126
Rating: 79
uGet Browser Integration extension replaces default download manager by uGet Download Manager.
#6 FlareGet Integration FlareGet Integration
User count: 33,797
Rating: 539
FlareGet Browser Integration extension replaces default download manager of Google Chrome by Flareget Download Manager.
#7 Salesforce LinkedIn Integration by Salesbolt Salesforce LinkedIn Integration by Salesbolt
User count: 1,681
Rating: 10
LinkedIn Integration for Salesforce
#8 EO.workspace Integration EO.workspace Integration
Publisher: Identity, Lda.
User count: 20,447
Rating: 2
Integrates Chrome and Chromium-based browsers with the EO.workspace app virtualization solution.
#9 Dynamics 365 Integration for Gmail Dynamics 365 Integration for Gmail
User count: 1,308
Rating: 15
Track emails, sync calendars, work with activities, convert important emails into Dynamics 365 activities without leaving Gmail…
#10 D&D Beyond Integration D&D Beyond Integration
User count: 7,186
Rating: 6
Integrate your licensed content from D&D Beyond into your running Foundry VTT Dungeons & Dragons session.
#11 WAPlus CRM - Simple WA CRM WAPlus CRM - Simple WA CRM
Publisher: veysielle9298
User count: 25,444
Rating: 51
Let WAPlus CRM be your most powerful assistant for WhatsApp marketing & WhatsApp sales.
#12 SAP CPI Helper SAP CPI Helper
Publisher: dbeckbauer
User count: 26,487
Rating: 23
Extends the SAP Cloud Platform Integration with some useful features to improve usability.
#13 JustCall - Click To Call for CRM Tools JustCall - Click To Call for CRM Tools
User count: 29,228
Rating: 38
Click to call phone numbers available on any web page. Make & receive more sales calls, track all calls.
#14 NetHunt CRM for Gmail NetHunt CRM for Gmail
User count: 6,513
Rating: 159
From a Gmail inbox to a full-featured CRM. Access 100% of CRM functionality from Gmail inbox.
#15 Persepolis Download Manager Integration Persepolis Download Manager Integration
User count: 5,773
Rating: 60
Persepolis Download Manager Integration extension replaces default download manager of Google Chrome by Persepolis Download Manager.
#16 LinkedRadar - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool LinkedRadar - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool
User count: 5,989
Rating: 100
Generate LinkedIn qualified leads with automation, save 75% of your time by LinkedRadar.
#17 MiVoice Integration for Google MiVoice Integration for Google
Publisher: Mitel
User count: 198
Rating: 3
MiVoice Integration for Google
#18 Commerce Cloud Recommendation Validator Commerce Cloud Recommendation Validator
User count: 6,044
Rating: 8
This is a tool to help with preliminary validation of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein integration
#19 Aria2c Integration Aria2c Integration
Publisher: Neato
User count: 2,244
Rating: 55
Download files with aria2
#20 BookWidgets Google Classroom Integration BookWidgets Google Classroom Integration
User count: 58,110
Rating: 24
This extension integrates BookWidgets into Google Classroom.
#21 Complus Integration Complus Integration
User count: 886
Rating: 0
This plugin allow integration to Complus.
#22 MiVoice Integration for Google 1.1 MiVoice Integration for Google 1.1
Publisher: Mitel
User count: 181
Rating: 4
MiVoice Integration for Google
#23 qTest Integration qTest Integration
User count: 23,101
Rating: 4
This plugin enhances the defect submission process to JIRA, Rally and VersionOne.
#24 simPRO Email Integration simPRO Email Integration
Publisher: simPRO
User count: 798
Rating: 4
Integrate your Gmail with simPRO Enterprise.
#25 joplin-search-integration joplin-search-integration
Publisher: rxliuli
User count: 486
Rating: 2
When using the search, related Joplin notes are also displayed in the search results
300 results. Page 1 of 12.