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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Web Developer Web Developer
User count: 1,232,101
Rating: 2,824
Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.
#2 React Developer Tools React Developer Tools
Publisher: Meta
User count: 3,931,607
Rating: 1,409
Adds React debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools. Created from revision 47f63dc54 on 12/6/2022.
#3 | The Homepage Developers Deserve | The Homepage Developers Deserve
User count: 198,640
Rating: 1,639
Get a feed of the hottest developer news personalized to you.
#4 HubSpot Developer Extension HubSpot Developer Extension
User count: 3,773
Rating: 18
Must have for HubSpot Developers, adding convenience features to HubSpot
#5 gRPC-Web Developer Tools gRPC-Web Developer Tools
Publisher: chrome-web-store
User count: 4,735
Rating: 4
gRPC-Web Developer Tools for debugging application's gRPC-Web network requests.
#6 Web Developer Checklist Web Developer Checklist
User count: 49,550
Rating: 50
Analyses any web page for violations of best practices
#7 - developer news - developer news
User count: 1,627
Rating: 18
All developer news in one tab
#8 Preact Developer Tools Preact Developer Tools
User count: 8,427
Rating: 6
Adds debugging tools for Preact to Chrome
#9 Akamai Developer Toolkit Akamai Developer Toolkit
User count: 4,048
Rating: 7
A chrome extension that provide developers access to Akamai developer tools including testing OPEN APIs right within their workspace
#10 Developer Cookie Developer Cookie
Publisher: seebigswork
User count: 850
Rating: 9
Set a cookie to tell your websites that you're a developer. Use with Google Analytics to avoid tracking internal traffic.
#11 Android Developer Toolbox Android Developer Toolbox
User count: 1,875
Rating: 5
A quick access toolbox of Android developer tools, calculators and information.
#12 Developer Flags for Google Chrome™ Developer Flags for Google Chrome™
Publisher: Jesse W. [w5748]
User count: 1,865
Rating: 3
A quick-access button to the developer flags for Google Chrome™.
#13 Web Developer Form Filler Web Developer Form Filler
Publisher: formfiller
User count: 27,634
Rating: 147
This extension is used by developers to make it easy to fill forms
#14 GraphQL developer tools GraphQL developer tools
Publisher: Sergey Novikov
User count: 24,936
Rating: 22
Devtools panel for GraphQL development
#15 postMessage Developer Tools postMessage Developer Tools
User count: 1,749
Rating: 2
Provides a dev tools panel to view postMessages for the current page
#16 Simple SpeedTest - A speed test for Chrome Simple SpeedTest - A speed test for Chrome
User count: 13,842
Rating: 45
Speed test your internet & speed test your WiFi with Simple SpeedTest for Chrome
#17 React Hook Form Developer Tools React Hook Form Developer Tools
Publisher: bluebill1049
User count: 763
Rating: 2
React Hook Form developer tools to help debug forms with validation.
#18 Relay Developer Tools Relay Developer Tools
Publisher: Meta
User count: 4,832
Rating: 6
Adds Relay debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools.
#20 APEX Developer Addon APEX Developer Addon
Publisher: peter.raganitsch
User count: 746
Rating: 13
The APEX Developer Addon is a helper Addon for the Oracle APEX Application Builder.
#21 FOEX Developer Addon FOEX Developer Addon
User count: 960
Rating: 4
The FOEX Developer Addon (FDA) is a free browser extension designed to enhance the Oracle APEX Application Builder IDE.
#22 Enhanced Developer Console Enhanced Developer Console
Publisher: AQ
User count: 290
Rating: 1
Highlight current/total installs, average/total ratings and crashes/ANRs count.
#24 Developer's Download Helper Developer's Download Helper
User count: 1,342
Rating: 5
Download files and folders from GitHub or GitLab via context menu.
#25 MobX Developer Tools MobX Developer Tools
Publisher: Andy Kogut
User count: 31,485
Rating: 49
Dev-tools for MobX and React
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