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#1 Add to Button Add to Button
User count: 13,236
Rating: 12 - A button for saving wishes from any website to your wish list at
#2 Moonsift - One Wishlist for all Stores Moonsift - One Wishlist for all Stores
User count: 2,934
Rating: 26
Your Universal Wishlist. Save products from any store and keep track of everything you're considering in one place.
#3 WISHUPON - A Shopping Wishlist Clipper WISHUPON - A Shopping Wishlist Clipper
User count: 1,571
Rating: 8
Create your universal shopping wishlist in one place
#4 Universal Social Wishlist | Wishtack Universal Social Wishlist | Wishtack
User count: 967
Rating: 9
Wishtack is a free service for managing your wishlist and finding unique gift ideas for your friends and family.
#5 My Wishlist My Wishlist
User count: 906
Rating: 1
Add new items to your wishlist on
#6 Wishlist-To-Cart for Amazon Wishlist-To-Cart for Amazon
User count: 551
Rating: 7
Wishlist-To-Cart for Amazon allows you to easily move items from a whishlist into Amazon shopping cart.
#7 DIM Wishlist Builder DIM Wishlist Builder
Publisher: mlsof21
User count: 456
Rating: 5
Build a large DIM Wishlist.
#8 Add to Wishlist Button | Wishtack Add to Wishlist Button | Wishtack
User count: 266
Rating: 1
Fill your Wishtack wishlist from any website and let your friends offer you gifts or contribute to the money pot we create for you.
#9 Vudu Catalog Vudu Catalog
Publisher: willgriesmer
User count: 3,777
Rating: 40
Creates a list of the movies you own
#10 Chestr - Universal Shopping Wishlist Chestr - Universal Shopping Wishlist
User count: 379
Rating: 13
Save items and track discounts from any online store. Start your Christmas & holiday wishlist now!
#11 Daz-Deals Daz-Deals
Publisher: bigbluehat
User count: 2,426
Rating: 21 Deals Shopping Helper
#12 PlayStation Store Wishlist PlayStation Store Wishlist
Publisher: IM
User count: 774
Rating: 23
Keep track of the games you want to buy on PSN Store and their prices.
#13 Shopping Cart Share For Amazon Shopping Cart Share For Amazon
User count: 4,720
Rating: 11
Shopping Cart Share Integration For Amazon
#14 Bandcamp Streamer Bandcamp Streamer
Publisher: aflowofcode
User count: 1,072
Rating: 13
Continuously stream from Bandcamp feed, collection, & wishlist pages + other cool features.
#15 Amazon Wishlist Subtotal Amazon Wishlist Subtotal
Publisher: HYUTS
User count: 148
Rating: 6
Automatically totals your Amazon wishlists. Save time and frustration by letting this extension do the work for you.
#16 PSN Wishlist PSN Wishlist
User count: 40
Rating: 7
Add playstation network store games to a wishlist
#17 DAZ3D wishlist & item detail improvements DAZ3D wishlist & item detail improvements
User count: 43
Rating: 2
Improve the look/behavior of DAZ's wishlist & item details, including adding a 'Specials' toggle & removing unnecessary tabs.
#18 Wishlist Total Wishlist Total
Publisher: crimsonfae
User count: 104
Rating: 2
amazon wishlist total chrome extension, totals all items in wishlist and displays the total
#19 WishListo WishListo
User count: 1,101
Rating: 1
Easily create your birthday wishlist, baby registry, wedding registry, christmas wishlist!
#20 Amazon WishList Point Amazon WishList Point
User count: 277
Rating: 1
Add a function to display points on the Amazon wish list
#21 Sortable Time in Audible Wishlist Sortable Time in Audible Wishlist
Publisher: mikeserg
User count: 149
Rating: 3
Adds a time column to each page of the Audible Wishlist.
#22 Import Wishlist Import Wishlist
User count: 33
Rating: 2
Import your Steam's wishlist to your GOG account.
#23 Atlist: add to Wishlist Atlist: add to Wishlist
User count: 25
Rating: 0
Use the Atlist extension to add items to your wishlist direct from any online store with just one click.
#24 Wishlist Wishlist
User count: 16
Rating: 6
Add stuff to your wishlist
#25 Amazon WishList Sum Amazon WishList Sum
Publisher: TKS
User count: 48
Rating: 1
It shows you a total sum of items in your wishlist on (You have to reload a web page if you want to use this again.)
202 results. Page 1 of 9.