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#1 Make Medium Readable Again Make Medium Readable Again
User count: 7,913
Rating: 79
Neutralizes annoying parts of the Medium reading experience and lets you read again.
#2 Read Medium for free Read Medium for free
Publisher: Mesut Tasci
User count: 9,629
Rating: 36
Read Medium stories without leaving the page if you reached to free reading limit.
#3 Medium Enhanced Stats Medium Enhanced Stats
Publisher: Tomas Trajan
User count: 5,375
Rating: 32
Your total reach & summary of your articles and responses stats with a single click and many improvements of the Medium stats page!
#4 Audio Articles for Medium Writers Audio Articles for Medium Writers
User count: 3,454
Rating: 29 allows Medium writers to add audio to their articles.
#5 Unlimited Medium Unlimited Medium
Publisher: issammani
User count: 7,339
Rating: 40
A browser extension that allows you to enjoy unlimited medium articles with just a click !
#6 medium infinity reader medium infinity reader
Publisher: yiyu0x
User count: 1,648
Rating: 16
Redefined 'referer' in HTTP header to read medium article.
#7 Better Medium Stats Better Medium Stats
Publisher: e04dl47878
User count: 838
Rating: 25
View your Medium stats in a better way and export data to csv file.
#8 Darker Medium Darker Medium
Publisher: Mottie
User count: 899
Rating: 20
Read Medium stories with happy eyes
#9 TOC Medium TOC Medium
User count: 1,425
Rating: 11
Table Of Contents generator for Medium stories
#10 Medium Distribution Info Medium Distribution Info
Publisher: arousedbywords
User count: 695
Rating: 3
Shows distribution info about your (and other people's stories) on Medium!
#11 Code Medium Code Medium
User count: 2,920
Rating: 22
Extends the Medium writer interface to quickly create and edit Github Gists, without having to leave the editor.
#12 Medium Next Generation Stats Medium Next Generation Stats
Publisher: Virgs
User count: 333
Rating: 7
Take your medium text stats to the Next Generation
#13 Medium Earnings Info Medium Earnings Info
Publisher: arousedbywords
User count: 354
Rating: 4
Breaks down all of your earnings on by providing detailed statistics
#14 Medium Code Highlighter Medium Code Highlighter
User count: 369
Rating: 6
Add code syntax highlighting to Medium articles
#15 Medium Auto Follow Bot Medium Auto Follow Bot
Publisher: Sortie!
User count: 408
Rating: 2
A Bot to Follow and Unfollow Medium Users
#16 Fractions - Medium Partner Dashboard Fractions - Medium Partner Dashboard
Publisher: Can Durmus
User count: 280
Rating: 5
A Better Partner Dashboard for Medium
#17 Medium For Free Medium For Free
Publisher: Mohammed Hashem
User count: 1,329
Rating: 18
Read Medium for Free and without VPN in Egypt.
#19 Reactime Reactime
Publisher: Reactime
User count: 3,694
Rating: 30
A Chrome extension that helps debug React applications by memorizing the state of components with every render.
#20 Medium Unlocker Custom Medium Unlocker Custom
User count: 232
Rating: 1
Unlocks for unlimited reads, no membership required (Custom version of Medium Unlocker by und3fined).
#21 Medium Wallet Medium Wallet
Publisher: medium.devstore
User count: 138
Rating: 8
Medium Wallet in your Browser
#22 Medium Unblocker Medium Unblocker
Publisher: Paul Ashraf
User count: 297
Rating: 5
A small Chrome extension that bypasses the block on the website "Medium"
#23 Medium to Dev Medium to Dev
Publisher: nilmadhab1994
User count: 274
Rating: 5
This is utilized to export Medium stories to
#24 Medium Stats Grabber Medium Stats Grabber
Publisher: murraygm
User count: 176
Rating: 1
This extension will grab the story stats from your stats page and save them as tabular data (csv with '|' delimiter)
#25 Medium Word Count Medium Word Count
Publisher: Heavy Code
User count: 153
Rating: 3
This extension counts the number of words in a draft post on the site
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