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#1 Norton Family Norton Family
User count: 108,967
Rating: 248
Norton Family helps you protect your kids so they can enjoy the Internet safely.
#2 Family Time Family Time
User count: 22,973
Rating: 4
Making Time for What's Most Important. movies, series, play materials for some fun family time
#3 Spy x Family Cursor Spy x Family Cursor
Publisher: gordencursors
User count: 4,078
Rating: 9
Spy x Family custom cursor for chrome. New browser experience with Spy x Family cursor. Created for Spy x Family fans.
#4 Spy x Family Wallpaper Spy x Family Wallpaper
User count: 1,439
Rating: 2
Spy x Family Wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Spy x Family background. Spy x Family wallpaper theme for anime fans.
#5 Trend Micro Family for Kids - Safe Filter Trend Micro Family for Kids - Safe Filter
Publisher: Trend Micro
User count: 2,254
Rating: 9
Safeguarding children's digital activities by filtering out explicit content on the Internet.
#6 FamilySearch Family Tree Show Sources FamilySearch Family Tree Show Sources
User count: 2,193
Rating: 19
This extension shows the sources and hints of a Family Tree person or record persona
#7 A+ FontSize Changer A+ FontSize Changer
User count: 9,715
Rating: 76
Extension that lets the user change the font text size, font type, font color and background color on a page.
#8 a9 Web Protection: safe web filter a9 Web Protection: safe web filter
User count: 8,821
Rating: 43
Best web filter, porn filter, chromebook parental control software, cybersecurity defense and safe search for chrome.
#9 FontScanner - Scan for font family names FontScanner - Scan for font family names
User count: 4,813
Rating: 9
Scans the web page for font names to display the distinct font names applied on the page.
#10 Family Guy Wallpaper Family Guy Wallpaper
Publisher: dawsongoh
User count: 285
Rating: 1
Family Guy wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Family Guy background. Family Guy wallpaper background themes for fans.
#11 Vudu Catalog Vudu Catalog
Publisher: willgriesmer
User count: 3,777
Rating: 40
Creates a list of the movies you own
#12 Mobicip Parental Control with Screen Time Mobicip Parental Control with Screen Time
User count: 4,240
Rating: 55
Create a safe experience for your family using Mobicip's powerful parental control software with internet filter and screen time.
#13 Genetic.Family Genetic.Family
User count: 1,298
Rating: 3
Understand your DNA across AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, 23andMe, FTDNA and GEDmatch. Upload and Share with your Matches.
#14 FamilyFriendly Parental Control, Porn Blocker FamilyFriendly Parental Control, Porn Blocker
User count: 6,170
Rating: 55
Best adult content blocker (parental control) extension. Blocks pornography, gambling, violent, malicious and illegal content. FREE
#15 Font Family Changer for AppsScript Font Family Changer for AppsScript
User count: 267
Rating: 2
This extension change the font family of the google apps script editor.
#16 Superstar Family - Celebrity Fashion Superstar Family - Celebrity Fashion
Publisher: limbeatrice48
User count: 43
Rating: 0
Superstar Family Celebrity Fashion extension provide you with Superstar Family Celebrity Fashion design on new tab page.
#17 Goldie May Goldie May
User count: 6,030
Rating: 10
Goldie May, your genealogy research assistant
#18 Font Finder Font Finder
Publisher: unixeco
User count: 170,078
Rating: 105
An easy-to-use font inspector to get CSS styles of the selected element
#19 Find Font Find Font
Publisher: kinokata157
User count: 238,836
Rating: 1
Now you can easily identify any font on the page with just one click.
#20 Family Movie Filter Family Movie Filter
Publisher: aquinas
User count: 716
Rating: 6
Explicit content filter helper
#21 DNArboretum DNArboretum
Publisher: neanderling
User count: 3,340
Rating: 31
Presents 23andMe and FTDNA Family Trees in Ahnentafel Format
#22 Cats & Kittens Wallpapers New Tab Cats & Kittens Wallpapers New Tab
User count: 77
Rating: 0
Cats & Kittens will please every Cats & Kittens fans. Replace your basic tab to a minimalist customizable Cats & Kittens themed tab.
#23 MedBetterWTHAY MedBetterWTHAY
User count: 230
Rating: 1
View popup info on Ancestry family tree search listings
#24 Hope Chest Hope Chest
User count: 27,919
Rating: 393
Searches your family tree.
#25 GiftList GiftList
User count: 348
Rating: 2
Add items from any store to your Gift List
181 results. Page 1 of 8.