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#1 Fart Attack Fart Attack
User count: 12,462
Rating: 15
Make every link on the web fart on click/hover!
#2 - Fart Soundboard - Fart Soundboard
User count: 5,323
Rating: 3
The fastest and funniest fart soundboard for your Chrome browser.
#3 Mr. Trump Fart Swap Mr. Trump Fart Swap
Publisher: 3104studios
User count: 430
Rating: 7
Replace all occurrences of "Trump" with "Fart" and other easter eggs
#4 Container to Fart Container to Fart
Publisher: jacob.m.robinson
User count: 23
Rating: 2
Replaces the text 'container' with 'fart'.
#5 Gate to Fart Gate to Fart
Publisher: Sana
User count: 30
Rating: 1
Replaces the text 'gate' with 'fart'.
#6 Pray to Fart Pray to Fart
Publisher: mpr
User count: 24
Rating: 1
Fun for the whole family
#7 Trump Means Fart Trump Means Fart
Publisher: nevercaesar
User count: 8
Rating: 0
Replaces the text 'Trump' with 'Fart'.
#8 Tweet to Fart Tweet to Fart
Publisher: explodedsoda
User count: 10
Rating: 1
Changes instances of the word "tweet" to the word "fart".
#9 Sound Prank Sound Prank
Publisher: Sindre708
User count: 653
Rating: 3
Have you ever wanted to prank someone by playing a fart sound on their browser? Well! Prank someone with this fart sound-maker!
#10 New Tab Todo List: Checklist, Notes, Outliner New Tab Todo List: Checklist, Notes, Outliner
User count: 47,457
Rating: 78
Beautiful and sharable checklists, notes, and to-do lists. Collaborate and outline in real-time.
#11 Death Racing Death Racing
User count: 10,454
Rating: 206
Death Racing is a racing games. try to stay on the racing track!
#12 Random time, random fart! Random time, random fart!
Publisher: Me!!!!4!
User count: 5
Rating: 2
Random time, random fart!
#13 Trump Means Fart in England Trump Means Fart in England
Publisher: MKJT
User count: 9
Rating: 2
A simple Chrome extension that converts the abomination Trump into RACISTBIGOTDICKFACE
#14 FartScroll FartScroll
Publisher: chris.windings
User count: 52
Rating: 0
Back and better than ever!
#15 Cisco Webex Extension Cisco Webex Extension
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 2,582
Join Webex meetings using Google Chrome ™
#16 Toucan - Language Learning Toucan - Language Learning
User count: 441,718
Rating: 1,257
Learn a new language just by browsing the internet.
#17 Adblock Dragon Adblock Dragon
User count: 335,767
Rating: 10
Fierce and relentless adblock extension. Best in class protection from ads.
#18 Laondon Laondon
User count: 11
Rating: 1
#19 Bullet Journal - Notes, Lists, Weekly Planner Bullet Journal - Notes, Lists, Weekly Planner
User count: 69,257
Rating: 104
Beautiful bullet journal for weekly tasks, todos, agendas. Brainstorm, share, and plan your weekly list.
#20 fartify fartify
User count: 10
Rating: 0
Make using Twitter way more fun by adding a reverb(y) fart sound when you click a like.
#22 History & Cache Cleaner History & Cache Cleaner
User count: 13,576
Rating: 299
Clear your browser history, cache and cookies for Google Chrome in just one click!
#23 1 Click Google Forms™ 1 Click Google Forms™
User count: 12,239
Rating: 22
1 click to create new Google Form
#24 1 Click Google Docs 1 Click Google Docs
User count: 10,349
Rating: 44
1 click to create new Google Docs.
#25 Semalt SEO extension Semalt SEO extension
Publisher: Semalt company
User count: 3,939
Rating: 100
Semalt SEO Extension is a free SEO tool that tracks websites’ Google rankings.
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