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ChromeStats makes Chrome extension metrics more accessible to everyone, enable competitive analysis, identify bad actors, and help support the growth of good Chrome extensions.

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We provide browser and add-on metrics across multiple platforms, allowing you to keep track of your extension stats easily.

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Get email updates on your favorite Chrome extensions.

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Compare two Chrome extensions side-by-side.

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View Chrome extension stats and ranking over time.

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Assess Chrome extension risk impact and likelihood.


Download current and past Chrome extensions.

Inspect source code

Inspect Chrome extension source code and see what changed in each version.

Advanced search

Search through all Chrome extension across 50+ attributes.

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Export all the extension stats as a CSV for custom analysis.

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Search through user reviews across all Chrome extensions.

Product summarizer

Generate a short summary for your Chrome extension that you can use for your post or article.

Ad copy creator

Generate an ad-copy that you can use to promote your Chrome extension.

Keyword analyzer

Analyze the potential keywords in your Chrome extension's summary.

Customer testimonials

I have rarely seen a website that centralizes information about a specific market so efficiently and neatly. A must for all those who want to get an overview of the entire browser extension market in just a few clicks!

Assil Harouak - Entreprenuer

We've been using Chrome-stats data for almost a year now. It's an indispensable market analytics tool for us: keyword tracking, competitor positions, and ASO optimization. If you want to grow your extension based on data, you have no choice - just use Chrome-stats.

Uladzimir Yankovich - Founder @ Manganum

Absolutely love the depth and quality of information that is provided on the platform. It is my goto place to validate extension ideas and look up on the competition. I am a Premium User.

William A. - Founder @

It's impossible to glean any sort of market insights about Chrome extensions via Google's Webstore. I was thinking about rolling up my sleeves and writing my own crawler, but then I stumbled upon chrome-stats. It was exactly what I needed. Chrome-stats is definitely an indispensable tool.

Lih Chen - Founder @

Explore ChromeStats

#1 Wisiwig Wisiwig
User count: 72
Rating: 5
The browser design tool that lets you inspect, edit, and share web designs without coding.
#2 Extension Extension
User count: 16
Rating: 1
Automatically surface knowledge while browsing the web, including any emails, attachments and internal communications
#3 Hike-it Hike-it
Publisher: lolavarda72
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Hike-it - new beautiful image every time
#4 Santas Mission Santas Mission
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Play Santas Mission game online for free on PC and mobile. Play right on your Chrome! Without internet.
#5 Word Counter Word Counter
Publisher: chatjonsmedia
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Counting the amount of a given word in the current page
#6 IE Tab MV3 Beta IE Tab MV3 Beta
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Display web pages using IE within Chrome. Use Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, Sharepoint, and more.

#1 Reviews Manager Reviews Manager
User count: 991
Rating: 5
#2 ScoreCheck - Live NHL Scores & Standings ScoreCheck - Live NHL Scores & Standings
User count: 97
Rating: 3
ScoreCheck provides users with live score and standings data from the NHL
#3 Group Address Book 3 - Sateraito Office Group Address Book 3 - Sateraito Office
User count: 96,618
Rating: 0
Add Group Address Book in the Apps Web Pages
User count: 9,555
Rating: 36
الاضافة تقدم تحسنات و خيارات اضافة لموقع الرقمنة -كوضع ملاحطات النقاط -ادراج احصائيات
#5 Dualsub Dualsub
Publisher: Dualsub Studio
User count: 95,224
Rating: 290
General purpose subtitle renderer
#6 Juice - Amazon Coupons Finder Juice - Amazon Coupons Finder
User count: 9,439
Rating: 15
Finds products with discounts in Amazon search results

#1 Pokemon Online Free MMO RPG Game - Fan Made Pokemon Online Free MMO RPG Game - Fan Made
User count: 16,373
Rating: 1,231
PokemonPets fan made Pokemon online MMO RPG free game. Advanced Pokedex, all Pokemon, battle, capture, train, Live PvP, market, chat
#2 Kindle For PC - Windows and Mac Kindle For PC - Windows and Mac
User count: 10,938
Rating: 0
Do you want to use Kindle on your Windows 11/10/8/7 PC or Mac? Install the extension now and enjoy browser-based ebook reader.
#3 WSC Traffic Checker WSC Traffic Checker
User count: 8,004
Rating: 9
Free extension to get the number of daily and monthly visits to any website
#4 Github 百宝箱 Github 百宝箱
Publisher: Derek
User count: 7,905
Rating: 8
Github 加速,Github 加速,Github 代码在线看,Github 1s,Octotree, VS Code 打开
#5 nicoCast nicoCast
User count: 7,734
Rating: 33
【更新情報】0.2525.3:全面改装 『ニコニコ動画をChromeCastする拡張 by 3846masa』
#6 1v1 LOL Unblocked Game New Tab 1v1 LOL Unblocked Game New Tab
Publisher: Game Play
User count: 7,422
Rating: 2
1v1 LOL Game is live with its current version! online game where you can build up platforms and fight.

#1 AdBlock — best ad blocker AdBlock — best ad blocker
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 296,949
Block ads and pop-ups on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and your favorite websites.
#2 Adblock for Youtube™ Adblock for Youtube™
Publisher: AdRemover
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 261,916
Removes ads from Youtube™.
#3 PayPal Honey: Automatic Coupons & Cash Back PayPal Honey: Automatic Coupons & Cash Back
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 168,455
Save money and earn rewards when you shop online.
#4 Adblock Plus - free ad blocker Adblock Plus - free ad blocker
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 181,879
Block YouTube™ ads, pop-ups & fight malware!
#5 YouTube YouTube
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 100,001
The official YouTube website
#6 Tampermonkey Tampermonkey
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 70,037
The world's most popular userscript manager

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