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ChromeStats makes Chrome extension metrics more accessible to everyone, enable competitive analysis, identify bad actors, and help support the growth of good Chrome extensions.

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We provide browser and add-on metrics across multiple platforms, allowing you to keep track of your extension stats easily.

What you can do with ChromeStats

Track extension

Get email updates on your favorite Chrome extensions.

Compare extension

Compare two Chrome extensions side-by-side.

Stats trends

View Chrome extension stats and ranking over time.

Risk analysis

Assess Chrome extension risk impact and likelihood.


Download current and past Chrome extensions.

Inspect source code

Inspect Chrome extension source code and see what changed in each version.

Advanced search

Search through all Chrome extension across 50+ attributes.

Raw data download

Export all the extension stats as a CSV for custom analysis.

Advanced reviews search

Search through user reviews across all Chrome extensions.

Product summarizer

Generate a short summary for your Chrome extension that you can use for your post or article.

Ad copy creator

Generate an ad-copy that you can use to promote your Chrome extension.

Keyword analyzer

Analyze the potential keywords in your Chrome extension's summary.

Customer testimonials

I have rarely seen a website that centralizes information about a specific market so efficiently and neatly. A must for all those who want to get an overview of the entire browser extension market in just a few clicks!

Assil Harouak - Entreprenuer

We've been using Chrome-stats data for almost a year now. It's an indispensable market analytics tool for us: keyword tracking, competitor positions, and ASO optimization. If you want to grow your extension based on data, you have no choice - just use Chrome-stats.

Uladzimir Yankovich - Founder @ Manganum

Absolutely love the depth and quality of information that is provided on the platform. It is my goto place to validate extension ideas and look up on the competition. I am a Premium User.

William A. - Founder @

It's impossible to glean any sort of market insights about Chrome extensions via Google's Webstore. I was thinking about rolling up my sleeves and writing my own crawler, but then I stumbled upon chrome-stats. It was exactly what I needed. Chrome-stats is definitely an indispensable tool.

Lih Chen - Founder @

Explore ChromeStats

#1 Deezer Global Hotkeys Deezer Global Hotkeys
Publisher: Kasablanka Magic
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Global Media Keys For Deezer
#2 Beautiful Clouds Wallpaper Beautiful Clouds Wallpaper
Publisher: koen.steve
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Beautiful Clouds Wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Beautiful Clouds background. Beautiful Clouds wallpaper theme for fans.
#3 Salesforce Share Salesforce Share
Publisher: jasneetdua96
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
A browser extension that will allow sharing session-based Salesforce URLs for direct login.
#4 PAA Scrapper PAA Scrapper
Publisher: Tanzim
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Scrap PAA for some keywords
#5 Rastreador de supermercados Rastreador de supermercados
Publisher: Sergi Ávila
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Histórico de precios de productos de supermercados Españoles
#6 Infofla OCR Infofla OCR
Publisher: Infofla
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
인포플라 OCR

#1 Show All Comments for Facebook™ Show All Comments for Facebook™
User count: 99
Rating: 5
2023 Always have 'All comments' pre-selected on every post on Facebook.
#2 Psono - Free Password Manager Psono - Free Password Manager
User count: 9,469
Rating: 6
Psono Password Manager, store and share your passwords securely.
#3 Ad blocker Turbo Ad blocker Turbo
Publisher: kelleesmer199
User count: 942,417
Rating: 14
Turbo Ad blocker - performant ad blocker software for your browser. Fast and easy-to-use.
#4 Keboola Dev Tools Keboola Dev Tools
Publisher: David Esner
User count: 92
Rating: 2
Keboola Connection helper tools to avoid common manual API calls when working with component configurations.
#5 Download Videos for Facebook™ Download Videos for Facebook™
User count: 91
Rating: 1
2023 Easiest way to Download Videos from Facebook
#6 Download Albums for Facebook™ Download Albums for Facebook™
User count: 904
Rating: 37
2023 Easiest way to Download Albums from Facebook

#1 WEBZEN Starter WEBZEN Starter
User count: 71,749
Rating: 27
크롬 브라우저에서 WEBZEN 게임 서비스를 원활하게 실행할 수 있도록 도와줍니다
#2 BlueJeans for Google Calendar BlueJeans for Google Calendar
User count: 63,430
Rating: 50
Schedule BlueJeans video meetings directly from Google Calendar
#3 made_of made_of
Publisher: apofiss
User count: 41,900
Rating: 374
*Support me on Patreon! *MORE WALLPAPERS on my Gumroad!
#4 uSelect iDownload uSelect iDownload
User count: 41,618
Rating: 297
Open or download several links at once with a simple selection.
#5 GamesTorrents | Juegos Torrent GamesTorrents | Juegos Torrent
User count: 39,913
Rating: 7
Este plugin te notificara sobre los ultimos juegos para descargar por torrent de forma gratuita.
#6 Word Count Word Count
User count: 30,648
Rating: 83
Adds a word count feature to your context menu (i.e. right-click menu).

#1 AdBlock — best ad blocker AdBlock — best ad blocker
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 285,450
Block ads and pop-ups on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and your favorite websites.
#2 Adblock for Youtube™ Adblock for Youtube™
Publisher: AdRemover
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 270,377
Removes ads from Youtube™.
#3 PayPal Honey: Automatic Coupons & Cash Back PayPal Honey: Automatic Coupons & Cash Back
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 168,535
Save money and earn rewards when you shop online.
#4 Adblock Plus - free ad blocker Adblock Plus - free ad blocker
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 176,633
Block YouTube™ ads, pop-ups & fight malware!
#5 YouTube YouTube
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 99,051
The official YouTube website
#6 Tampermonkey Tampermonkey
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 70,118
The world's most popular userscript manager

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