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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Pause - Stop Mindless Browsing Pause - Stop Mindless Browsing
User count: 20,201
Rating: 94
Pause distracting websites before they open. Be mindful and intentional with your browsing using this simple extension.
#2 Pause Gmail by cloudHQ Pause Gmail by cloudHQ
User count: 3,383
Rating: 42
Take control over when emails appear in your Gmail. Eliminate interruptions, increase productivity, and reduce stress.
#3 Youtube Auto Pause Blocker Youtube Auto Pause Blocker
User count: 30,075
Rating: 42
Disables the "Video Paused. Continue Watching?" popup on youtube.
#4 AdBlock Pause AdBlock Pause
User count: 10,364
Rating: 20
AdBlock Pause temporarily disables your ad blocking extensions and reloads the current page with one-click.
#5 Youtube Auto Pause Youtube Auto Pause
Publisher: drodil
User count: 901
Rating: 10
Stops Youtube on tab unfocus and continues on focus
#6 Auto Pause and Resume for YouTube™ Auto Pause and Resume for YouTube™
Publisher: MeryDev
User count: 856
Rating: 20
Pause YouTube player when page is hidden and resume when it is active again!
#7 Music Beta Play/Pause controller Music Beta Play/Pause controller
Publisher: MAD
User count: 451
Rating: 118
A browser action that will create a tab with the Music Beta Web App if none is already opened in the current browser window and…
#8 Controls for Instagram Videos Controls for Instagram Videos
User count: 23,167
Rating: 133
Adds video playback controls to Instagram videos embedded in web pages (seek bar, volume, play/pause, download video button).
#9 Netflix Pause Removal Netflix Pause Removal
User count: 13,434
Rating: 183
Remove the pause between netflix episodes
#10 Tweaks for YouTube Tweaks for YouTube
User count: 15,373
Rating: 181
Seek, control volume, speed, and more with mouse and keyboard. Adjust player controls, progress bar, UI elements, process audio...
#11 Click to Pause for Twitch Click to Pause for Twitch
Publisher: SamVK
User count: 377
Rating: 10
Click the Twitch video to pause.
#12 Play/Pause Button For Pocket Casts 2 Play/Pause Button For Pocket Casts 2
Publisher: illuzor
User count: 309
Rating: 10
Simple play/pause button for Pocket Casts. This button allows to pause or resume current podcasts independently of current tab.
#13 SABconnect++ SABconnect++
User count: 32,319
Rating: 541
SABnzbd extension for Google Chrome.
#14 Spacebar pause on youtube Spacebar pause on youtube
Publisher: Yossi Abraham
User count: 469
Rating: 29
This extension makes spacebar actually pause youtube videos
#16 Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor
Publisher: Kelly Davis
User count: 16,661
Rating: 516
Enables various hotkeys to speed up and generally make YouTube's video editor more usable.
#17 YouTube Play/Pause YouTube Play/Pause
Publisher: Harshad Mane
User count: 396
Rating: 8
On Clicking the icon of this extension, it will play/pause the video playing on
#18 BBViewer BBViewer
Publisher: liquid8d
User count: 8,649
Rating: 59
BBViewer is designed to provide a better experience for Big Brother Live Feeders
#19 1click Pause History 1click Pause History
User count: 733
Rating: 15
Pause your history recording in one click
#20 YouTube Booster YouTube Booster
User count: 1,508
Rating: 11
Change video speed, disable auto pause, do OSINT, play with markers, video's keywords, and more...
#22 Pause & Inspect Pause & Inspect
Publisher: MBApps
User count: 127
Rating: 1
Pauses Javascript execution then inspects the element
#23 Ose la pause! Ose la pause!
Publisher: RSEQ-QCA
User count: 556
Rating: 2
Évitez de rester immobile trop longtemps devant votre écran d'ordinateur. Programmez une pause active selon l'intervalle désiré.
#24 Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List
User count: 503,393
Rating: 3,645
⏱ Pomodoro Timer ✅ Task Organizer 📊Time Tracker 📅 Schedule Planner 🔔 Reminder
#25 Multi-Tab Controller for YouTube Multi-Tab Controller for YouTube
User count: 1,975
Rating: 58
Play or Pause any inactive YouTube video tab from any active tab, while viewing other pages online.
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