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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Strict Workflow Strict Workflow
Publisher: Matchu
User count: 88,533
Rating: 1,180
Enforces a 25min/5min workflow: 25 minutes of distraction-free work, followed by 5 minutes of break. Repeat as necessary.
#2 10 Minutes Email - 10 min disposable email 10 Minutes Email - 10 min disposable email
User count: 2,830
Rating: 12
Temporary disposable email address. Protect your email from spam, bots and phishing with 10minemail.
#3 5 Minute Journal for Chrome 5 Minute Journal for Chrome
Publisher: Matt Frances
User count: 461
Rating: 3
A happier you, in just 5 minutes.
#4 20 Minute Timer 20 Minute Timer
Publisher: DMBFullstack
User count: 365
Rating: 7
20 Minute Timer is an alarm that fires after twenty minutes.
#5 7 Minute Workout 7 Minute Workout
User count: 314
Rating: 4
7 Minute Workout it is set of 12 exercises with 10 seconds breaks between each exercise
#6 Talking Clock Talking Clock
User count: 8,598
Rating: 58
Announce the time periodically, set custom recurring reminders and display time.
#7 Pomodoro Timer for Google Chrome™ Pomodoro Timer for Google Chrome™
User count: 3,339
Rating: 23
A simple extension Pomodoro timer with to-do lists, focusing on work.
#9 Minute to Hour Minute to Hour
Publisher: kevingimbel
User count: 57
Rating: 5
Convert minutes to an hour string.
#10 Two Minute Reports Two Minute Reports
User count: 234
Rating: 0
Get your data to Google Sheets and automate your reporting
#11 The 15-Minute SEO Audit The 15-Minute SEO Audit
User count: 887
Rating: 3
This extension looks for common SEO issues in the current web page.
#12 Tab Scheduler with auto open and close Tab Scheduler with auto open and close
User count: 6,513
Rating: 14
Browser tabs will be open and close automatically at selected time. User can activate/deactive list based on requirement
#13 Minute Journal Minute Journal
User count: 32
Rating: 1
The smart bullet journal that integrates into your work flow.
#14 Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch
Publisher: brian.girko
User count: 50,953
Rating: 56
A powerful alarm extension that supports multiple timers and stopwatches with five to ten-minute snooze.
#15 Sprint Reader - Speed Reading Extension Sprint Reader - Speed Reading Extension
Publisher: Anthony Nosek
User count: 29,822
Rating: 250
Speed reading made easy, train yourself to read 1800+ words per minute. Rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) at its best!
#16 5 minute fork 5 minute fork
User count: 38
Rating: 5
Adds a button to GitHub pages so with one click you can view the files of the repo hosted on the web by
#17 5-Minute Crafts 5-Minute Crafts
Publisher: New Tabs
User count: 30
Rating: 1
New awesome videos from 5-Minute Crafts YouTube channel directly on New Tab.
#18 Transkriptor: Transcribe Audio to Text Transkriptor: Transcribe Audio to Text
User count: 10,550
Rating: 159
Convert audio to text. Automatically record and transcribe your meetings, and other conversations with Transkriptor.
#19 $Wiki to Earn $Wiki to Earn
Publisher: wikixyzdao
User count: 233
Rating: 1
Get paid and rewarded for every minute you spend on Wikipedia.
#20 Mini Break Timer: Every 20 Minutes Mini Break Timer: Every 20 Minutes
Publisher: Feedsgo
User count: 321
Rating: 7
Prevent eye strain using a simple reminder, every new tab
#22 Gmail POP3 Auto Refresh Gmail POP3 Auto Refresh
User count: 5,193
Rating: 22
Refresh unlimited POP3 email accounts of Gmail with a frequency of one minute for free.
#23 60 minute forecast 60 minute forecast
Publisher: JG Media
User count: 14
Rating: 1
Hyper local 60 minute precipitation forecast
#24 Testing Reading Speed Testing Reading Speed
User count: 3,829
Rating: 11
Read at double or triple your normal speed.
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