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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Reason Tools Reason Tools
Publisher: Ricky V
User count: 618
Rating: 13
Adds Reason to the browser
#2 Free Test Now (Beta) Free Test Now (Beta)
User count: 236
Rating: 0
Search and access popular speedtest quick links easily and quickly with this extension!
#3 Get Email Access Here (Beta) Get Email Access Here (Beta)
User count: 227
Rating: 0
Quick access to popular email easily with this extension!
#4 Save as Shortcut Save as Shortcut
User count: 11,489
Rating: 97
Offers the ability to save tab(s) and bookmarks as Internet shortcut files.
#5 Sticky Notes 3.3 - Super Quick & Personal Sticky Notes 3.3 - Super Quick & Personal
User count: 143,312
Rating: 4,169
Animated Themes, Fonts, Backup et al. 1-Click easiest & fastest note taking app inside browser. (See demo)
#6 Drumpfinator Extreme Edition Drumpfinator Extreme Edition
User count: 25
Rating: 0
Find and replace all instances of some word/name by another. Search Browser online tool for Chrome. Based on Trump blocker/filter.
#7 Extended Reason Codes Extended Reason Codes
User count: 6
Rating: 0
Provides detailed numeric reason codes on scoring reports
#8 Add to Microsoft To Do Add to Microsoft To Do
Publisher: Pavel Ukhan
User count: 26,999
Rating: 61
It's the easiest way to save anything from the web to your ToDo lists.
#9 tabWindow - multi window vertical tabs tabWindow - multi window vertical tabs
User count: 237
Rating: 5
Multi-window vertical tab manager. save and restore tabs & windows with auto-saver. Never forget why this tab left open?
#10 CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs
Publisher: Harshay Buradkar
User count: 17,748
Rating: 195
Cycle through last used Chrome tabs using keyboard shortcut.
#11 Shopify Theme Detector Shopify Theme Detector
User count: 14,805
Rating: 7
Are you Shopify users? Have you ever seen a really well designed Shopify website and wonder how it was built? Well, now you can.…
#12 z-context z-context
Publisher: gwwar
User count: 8,806
Rating: 37
A Chrome DevTools Extension that displays stacking contexts and z-index values in the elements panel
#13 Web Page Sticky Notes Web Page Sticky Notes
User count: 9,202
Rating: 188
Sticky Notes For Web Pages
#14 Chill - Site Blocking, Improved Chill - Site Blocking, Improved
Publisher: Eric Xu
User count: 109
Rating: 8
Never again waste time browsing sites when you don't have a reason to!
#15 Salesforce Data/Metadata Utility Salesforce Data/Metadata Utility
Publisher: maninders
User count: 3,697
Rating: 9
Work With Salesforce Record Data and Metadata With Few Clicks
#16 Live Stream Downloader Live Stream Downloader
Publisher: chandler.stimson
User count: 193,152
Rating: 163
Detect and Download M3U8 HLS Streams (HTTP Live Stream) in multiple threads to your local disk
#17 Vertical Tabs for Google Chrome™ Vertical Tabs for Google Chrome™
User count: 3,050
Rating: 12
Free! Easily manage and present your tabs vertically.
#18 Biticker Biticker
Publisher: Tritonio
User count: 1,497
Rating: 108
Ticker, price graph, currency converter and price desktop notifications for Bitcoin and more.
#19 Volume Booster 2022 - It's your sound control Volume Booster 2022 - It's your sound control
User count: 41,172
Rating: 56
Up to 600% volume boost. Like a Volumix but better
#20 ⚡️ Desktop AMP ⚡️ Desktop AMP
Publisher: Ed Lea
User count: 608
Rating: 23
Load the AMP version of a page if available
#21 TFT Trade Extension TFT Trade Extension
User count: 19,605
Rating: 14
An extension which integrates TFT branded tools into your browser. It provides safer and easier trading in Path of Exile
#22 Zoho Books Easier Time Tracking Zoho Books Easier Time Tracking
Publisher: Émile Perron
User count: 345
Rating: 7
Time tracking for Zoho Books, made easier and more efficient!
#23 reasonable reasonable
User count: 175
Rating: 33
For a site called reason, you'd think it would block trolls, help users navigate comment threads, and show inline media. (Drink.)
#24 GoScreenify- Screen Recorder + Capture + Note GoScreenify- Screen Recorder + Capture + Note
User count: 141
Rating: 4
The tool for Screen Record & Capture with annotation. Edit your screenshot/ screencast and upload it to your Google Drive /Youtube.
#25 Mailtastic EasySync4G Mailtastic EasySync4G
User count: 2,595
Rating: 2
Mailtastic, for more through your email signatures
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