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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Sort By Review Count for Amazon Sort By Review Count for Amazon
User count: 9,504
Rating: 26
Sort By Review Count for Amazon sorts product search results by most reviewed.
#2 Cultivate: Shop Local, Shop Deals, Shop Smart Cultivate: Shop Local, Shop Deals, Shop Smart
User count: 29,071
Rating: 84
Shopping tool that shows you country of origin and local pickup options as you shop on Amazon, while giving to charities for free.
#3 Degreed Extension Degreed Extension
Publisher: Degreed
User count: 993,529
Rating: 54
Track all your learning.
#4 Translate Man Translate Man
Publisher: marchen
User count: 19,261
Rating: 230
Mouse pointer translation, selected translation, support any languages, google translate api, human interface, love it
#5 Confluence Chrome Extension - Meetical Confluence Chrome Extension - Meetical
User count: 1,806
Rating: 11
Chrome Extension for Confluence to create Meeting Notes directly from your Google Calendar. Quick and easy meeting management.
#6 Price tracker - Otsledit Price tracker - Otsledit
User count: 17,993
Rating: 327
Price tracker, web page content tracker, monitoring history.
#7 Recommend on WeGoOut Recommend on WeGoOut
User count: 7
Rating: 0
Recommend your events directly from Facebook
#8 Similar Sites - Discover Related Websites Similar Sites - Discover Related Websites
User count: 295,216
Rating: 381
Instantly find websites similar to the one you’re currently browsing. Explore the web, discover more.
#9 LinkedRadar - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool LinkedRadar - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool
User count: 5,989
Rating: 100
Generate LinkedIn qualified leads with automation, save 75% of your time by LinkedRadar.
#10 Private Internet Access Private Internet Access
User count: 230,877
Rating: 522
Defeat censorship, unblock any website and access the open Internet the way it was meant to be with Private Internet Access®
#11 LeadRadar - LinkedIn Scraper & Connect Finder LeadRadar - LinkedIn Scraper & Connect Finder
Publisher: campbel3837
User count: 386
Rating: 14
LinkedIn lead generation tool with auto connect invitation and personalized bulk messages.
#12 Netflix Sync Party Netflix Sync Party
User count: 54,495
Rating: 16
Watch Netflix with friends - no ads, no queues, no login, no lag.
#13 Proxy + Free VPN DEEPRISM Proxy + Free VPN DEEPRISM
User count: 27,372
Rating: 533
Unlimited proxy | Unblock websites, change IP | DEEPRISM for Chrome
#14 Free VPN -secure Vpn proxy Free VPN -secure Vpn proxy
User count: 20,763
Rating: 54
VPN extension for Google Chrome-unblock browser restriction!Recomended proxy protect,encrypt connection
#15 CPS Test CPS Test
User count: 30,384
Rating: 14
Build your own cps record.
#16 Page diagnostics for SharePoint Page diagnostics for SharePoint
User count: 26,786
Rating: 7
A tool to identify page performance problems in SharePoint Online
#17 Web Monitor Web Monitor
Publisher: oksuluf
User count: 5,375
Rating: 34
Tracking website updates, get instant alerts via notification, emails, webhook
#18 Meeting Agendas, Notes & Goals - Hypercontext Meeting Agendas, Notes & Goals - Hypercontext
User count: 3,723
Rating: 50
Collaborative agendas, notes, next steps, goals and more with Hypercontext - All within Google Meet and Google Calendar.
#19 Tel Linker Tel Linker
Publisher: KOTRS
User count: 4,042
Rating: 19
Locates telephone numbers on a page and converts them into clickable links.
#20 Locker Locker
User count: 2,608
Rating: 23
All of your wishlists - now in one place.
#21 Substital: Add subtitles to videos and movies Substital: Add subtitles to videos and movies
User count: 198,737
Rating: 2,109
Add captions to any video or movie on Netflix, Youtube or other platforms.
#22 Recommend Expertise Recommend Expertise
Publisher: Shayla
User count: 5
Rating: 0
Recommend developer expertise based on the bug report
#23 Print to Boox Print to Boox
Publisher: deemstone
User count: 1,057
Rating: 4
Print any page to Boox reader (via boox push service)
#24 NooBoss NooBoss
User count: 21,361
Rating: 233
A powerful Extensions Manager and Userscript Manager with many unique features
#25 TurnX – Powered by LotLinx TurnX – Powered by LotLinx
Publisher: LotLinx, Inc.
User count: 691
Rating: 1
Utilize LotLinx's AI platform to match buyer demand to specific vehicles, according to your sales goals.
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