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#1 Chart Trader - Tracking Multiple Charts Chart Trader - Tracking Multiple Charts
User count: 5,270
Rating: 8
Tracking multiple charts when trading: Cryptocurrency, Forex, Stoch, Bitcoin, Binary Option, CFD, Futures, tradingview
#2 Gantt chart for Trello Gantt chart for Trello
User count: 5,387
Rating: 29
The Ultimate Gantt chart add-on for Trello, brought to you by Ganttify!
#3 Elegantt | The leading Gantt Chart for Trello Elegantt | The leading Gantt Chart for Trello
User count: 125,866
Rating: 191
Elegantt is the leading Gantt chart for Trello. It supercharges your boards to reveal the big picture and match your deadlines.
#4 TV Chart TV Chart
User count: 997
Rating: 4
View a chart of any TV show's user ratings, by episode.
#5 History Trends History Trends
User count: 23,456
Rating: 163
Displays interactive charts and statistics of your entire browsing history.
#6 TimeYourWeb Time Tracker TimeYourWeb Time Tracker
User count: 18,322
Rating: 107
The most detailed online time statistics. Know how much time you spend on any site on any day.
#7 Stock Chart Stock Chart
Publisher: lok960821
User count: 528
Rating: 6
Stock Chart provide Technical Charts Analysis for forecasting stock, index of future price. Stock Chart 提供技術圖表分析工具,協助用家以估計股票或指數未來趨勢。
#8 Chart Nerd Extension Chart Nerd Extension
Publisher: fayeed52
User count: 892
Rating: 7
Chrome extensions for Chart Nerd, allow easy access to token, url & table name
#9 Bittrex Enhanced Bittrex Enhanced
Publisher: CryptoNirvana
User count: 4,971
Rating: 140
Enhance your Bittrex experience by including USD values alongside BTC & ETH prices, and using the TradingView chart widget instead.
#10 Stock Chart v2 Stock Chart v2
Publisher: lok960821
User count: 298
Rating: 1
Stock Chart provide Technical Charts Analysis for forecasting stock, index of future price. Stock Chart 提供技術圖表分析工具,協助用家以估計股票或指數未來趨勢。
#11 Futbin Charts Futbin Charts
Publisher: krabboss117
User count: 467
Rating: 3
Display price charts directly in Futbin players list view
#12 Good Gantt Good Gantt
User count: 6,951
Rating: 18
Gantt Chart for Trello
#13 International Keepa Charts International Keepa Charts
User count: 7,617
Rating: 9
Displays Keepa Charts for 13 Amazon marketplaces. Accessible from any Amazon details page.
#14 Trello Chart Suite Trello Chart Suite
User count: 169
Rating: 3
One click easy charts of your cards in a charts
#15 Timus Charts Timus Charts
User count: 238
Rating: 8
Adds charts to Timus Online Judge profiles
#16 IMDb TV Series Chart IMDb TV Series Chart
Publisher: brainexer
User count: 364
Rating: 9
IMDb TV Series Chart
#17 Google Docs Dark Mode 2.0 for Chrome Google Docs Dark Mode 2.0 for Chrome
User count: 2,970
Rating: 7
Turn on Dark Mode for Google Docs in one click via this extension. Use it for Chrome, Firefox, PC, Windows 10 and other
#18 Medium Enhanced Stats Medium Enhanced Stats
Publisher: Tomas Trajan
User count: 5,596
Rating: 32
Your total reach & summary of your articles and responses stats with a single click and many improvements of the Medium stats page!
#19 Stock Charts by Stock Charts by
User count: 1,085
Rating: 11
Chrome extension for Twitter
#20 Steam Price Chart Steam Price Chart
Publisher: gingerax
User count: 113
Rating: 2
Adds price (sale) history charts for games and other items to the Steam webpages.
#21 List Progress Bar for Trello List Progress Bar for Trello
User count: 5,488
Rating: 36
Shows various insights about trello board , at individual card list level as well as board level
#22 Organimi Organimi
User count: 876
Rating: 18
Simply awesome org charts. Create, edit, print and share your organizational charts with Organimi's cloud-based software
#23 Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool
User count: 1,497,038
Rating: 5,404
Keyword search volume, cpc and competition for 15+ websites like Google™ Search Console, YouTube™, Amazon™ & more
#24 Genesis: Seating Chart Tools Genesis: Seating Chart Tools
Publisher: Andrew Hogan
User count: 73
Rating: 0
Adds helpful tools to the 'Seating Chart' screen in Genesis. Written by Andrew Hogan Aug 29, 2018.
#25 BigQuery Mate BigQuery Mate
Publisher: Mikhail Berlyant
User count: 6,632
Rating: 25
Companion tool for Google BigQuery UI used by myself and my peers at Viant Inc. Adds some extra functionality to BQ Native UI
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