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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Free VPN Chrome extension - Best VPN by uVPN Free VPN Chrome extension - Best VPN by uVPN
User count: 710,086
Rating: 18,521
Best free VPN Chrome extension to unblock websites and hide IP address
#4 Webpage Screenshot - Entire page screenshot! Webpage Screenshot - Entire page screenshot!
User count: 230,697
Rating: 10,040
Since 2015 The most popular tool for your day to day. Whole page screenshot, sharing and much more.
#5 Surfshark VPN Extension Surfshark VPN Extension
User count: 999,393
Rating: 402
Keep your online activity and personal information secure. Put your privacy-conscious mind at rest and enjoy unrestricted internet.
#6 PureVPN Proxy - Best VPN for Chrome PureVPN Proxy - Best VPN for Chrome
User count: 346,036
Rating: 3,249
A VPN extension that helps you hide your information, access restricted content and browse the internet at fast speeds.
#7 Hunter - Email Finder Extension Hunter - Email Finder Extension
User count: 590,342
Rating: 12,355
Find email addresses from anywhere on the web, with just one click.
#9 Axure RP Extension for Chrome Axure RP Extension for Chrome
User count: 669,876
Rating: 761
An extension that allows viewing of locally published Axure RP prototypes (HTML files) from Google Chrome.
#11 TwoSeven Extension TwoSeven Extension
User count: 304,572
Rating: 56
Opens up exciting new possibilities of watching together on
#12 Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web Privacy Extension For WhatsApp Web
User count: 279,393
Rating: 60
Hides your messages until you hover over them.
#13 Extension Manager Extension Manager
User count: 176,438
Rating: 918
Manage extensions, Quickly enable/disable, Support batching operation, Smart sorting. Fast, Simple and Secure.
#14 Trusted Shops extension for Google Chrome Trusted Shops extension for Google Chrome
User count: 341,549
Rating: 1,308
Find secure shops in your Google search: install the official Trusted Shops extension
#15 Dragon Web Extension Dragon Web Extension
User count: 429,976
Rating: 678
Dragon Web Extension for Chrome
#16 Freak's Axie Extension Freak's Axie Extension
Publisher: freakitties
User count: 189,611
Rating: 88
An extension to help play Axie Infinity.
#17 Extension for Instagram Extension for Instagram
Publisher: bakutasechi
User count: 156,648
Rating: 300
Direct upload/download! Support DM! Mini video player! Keyboard navigation and more.
#18 DRC INSIGHT Secure Extension DRC INSIGHT Secure Extension
User count: 309,101
Rating: 3
Security enhancements when using DRC INSIGHT with the Google Chrome Browser.
#19 MyJDownloader Browser Extension MyJDownloader Browser Extension
Publisher: AppWork GmbH
User count: 1,004,624
Rating: 513
Adds MyJDownloader to your browser, a service that enables you to remote control your JDownloader.
#20 LinkedIn Extension LinkedIn Extension
Publisher: LinkedIn
User count: 473,695
Rating: 364
This extension lights up with a new notification count whenever you have new activity waiting for you at LinkedIn.
#21 JetBrains Toolbox Extension JetBrains Toolbox Extension
Publisher: JetBrains
User count: 134,024
Rating: 109
Clone and open projects from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket in JetBrains IDEs right from your browser
#22 Chrome extension source viewer Chrome extension source viewer
Publisher: Rob W
User count: 105,037
Rating: 384
View source code of Chrome extensions, Firefox addons or Opera extensions (crx/nex/xpi) from the Chrome web store and elsewhere.
#23 Reflect in Seesaw Extension Reflect in Seesaw Extension
User count: 592,022
Rating: 14
Give students a quick way to bring work from any website into Seesaw for added layers of creative thinking and reflection.
#24 — the extension with which you earn — the extension with which you earn
User count: 79,165
Rating: 1,103
Get paid for the time you spend on the Internet!
#25 Live Server Web Extension Live Server Web Extension
Publisher: ritwickdey
User count: 117,978
Rating: 47
Makes your existing server live. This is a browser extension that helps you to live reload feature for dynamic pages
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