Google Dictionary (by Google)

Google Dictionary (by Google)

View definitions easily as you browse the web.

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Google Dictionary (by Google) is a very popular Chrome extension by Google. It has 4,400,104 weekly active users and an average rating of 4.39. Google Dictionary (by Google) is similar to Instant Dictionary by and Dictionary Lookup. The latest version is 4.1.8 and was updated a year ago. Google Dictionary (by Google) is only available in English. Within Chrome Web Store, its overall ranking is #86.

Stats date:
By: Google
Install link: Chrome Web Store
Version: 4.1.8 (Last updated: 2021-09-27)
Creation date: 2020-04-16
Manifest version: 2
  • storage
Featured: Yes
Size: 47.21K
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Risk impact: Moderate risk impact
Risk likelihood: Very low risk likelihood
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With this extension, you can:
1) Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble.
2) View the complete definition of any word or phrase using the toolbar dictionary.
3) Store a history of words you've looked up, so you can practice them later.

Foreign words are automatically translated to your language of choice.

Supported dictionaries:
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Risk impact

Google Dictionary (by Google) requires some risky permissions and may not be safe to use. Exercise caution when installing this extension. Review carefully before installing.

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Risk likelihood

Google Dictionary (by Google) has earned a good reputation and can be trusted.

Risk likelihood measures the probability that a Chrome extension may turn malicious. This is determined by the publisher and the Chrome extension reputation on Chrome Web Store, the amount of time the Chrome extension has been around, and other signals about the Chrome extension. Our algorithms are not perfect, and are subject to change as we discover new ways to detect malicious extensions. We recommend that you always exercise caution when installing a Chrome extension, especially ones with higher risk impact and/or higher risk likelihood.

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User reviews
Hi guys, Sorry for aggressive marketing but I want to share the extension I have developed, pretty similar to this one. It has all the definitions offered by google dictionary, more and better definitions from the Definio database and shortened notes from wikipedia too. You can also create digital notebooks, save the words and learn them. It would be awesome if you guys can check it out and let me know how you like it. I am open to consider any suggestions or feedback you might have. Most of its functionality is also free, just to keep ads away and cover some server fees, I had to create Premium tier, but you don't have to be premium to find it useful and fully functional. :)) website link is:
by Zuka Murvanidze Zuka Murvanidze, 2022-12-05

play voice need to play twice.The first part sound was missed after play twice then ok
by blank yi blank yi, 2022-12-02

absolute lifesaver!!! wish it was also available in Android Phones!
by Räşad Paşazadä Räşad Paşazadä, 2022-11-29
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  "update_url": "",
  "manifest_version": 2,
  "name": "Google Dictionary (by Google)",
  "version": "4.1.8",
  "description": "View definitions easily as you browse the web.",
  "background": {
    "page": "background.html",
    "persistent": false
  "options_page": "options.html",
  "web_accessible_resources": [
  "content_scripts": [