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Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.

Web Developer is a Chrome extension by http://chrispederick.com. It has 1,000,000+ weekly active users and an average rating of 4.47. Web Developer is similar to CSSViewer and Web Developer Checklist. The latest version is 0.5.4 and was updated 3 years ago. Web Developer is only available in English. Within Chrome Web Store, its overall ranking is #193.

The Web Developer extension adds a toolbar button to the browser with various web developer tools. This is the official port of the Web Developer extension for Firefox.


The best place for support is not in the reviews section below, but on the Web Developer site in the help:
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Web Developer
Web Developer
Web Developer
Web Developer
Web Developer
User reviews
My Facebook business manager and my entire facebook account got hacked directly after installing this extension, and without resetting or changing my password and that's another proof that it was this extension since it has an access to the cookies, He used the cookies to access my account and removed all the members with full access to employee access then added his fake accounts and posted something that violates Facebobok policies to lead my account to suspension and now he spent over $15,000 from my accounts and credit cards and he still trying to take more, I own a digital marketing agency and I had many clients with large budgets for Ads and he just terminated all this and terminated my whole career and life after I lost all clients and many of them are sueing me now after the large amounts taken from their cards and the large thereshold of their Ad accounts I used to manage, I am speechless for real no words to describe how it feels, I never got hacked before for over 20 years with zero scams or phishing attacks and after all this, a chrome extension terminates my life, Please be careful and I hope no one ever to experience what I been through the last days.
Yasser Aly Yasser Aly
The tool is actually wonderful. I've used it for years. BUT. And it's an enormous BUT. This extension overrides and locks your notification settings (along with other settings) so that you can't change them. Because of that, any website can now constantly send you notifications and spam you all of the time. How about the fact that any of those notifications of links that they send could be a virus. That enough evidence for you sir? I haven't even looked into the code or other permissions of this extension but just from that alone, it's a huge red flag and security risk.
Que pasa con la extensión?? Desde hacer varios días al usar la opción "Validar html Local" recibo mensajes como "503 Service Unavailable, No server is available to handle this request." Alguna ayuda para solucionar esto? What about Web Developer Tool?? Since several days ago when using the "Validate Local html" option I receive messages like "503 Service Unavailable, No server is available to handle this request." Any help to fix this?
Rafael Galeano Rafael Galeano
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