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Manage extensions, Quickly enable/disable, Support batching operation, Smart sorting. Fast, Simple and Secure.

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Version: 9.4.1 (Last updated: 2021-04-20)
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  • Your data on all websites
  • Your tabs and browsing activity
  • Run JavaScript code in the context of web pages
  • Your list of installed apps, extensions, and themes
  • Settings that specify whether websites can use features such as cookies, JavaScript, and plug-ins
  • Examine manifest for more details
1. One Key fast enable/disable extension
2. Lightning Group: Quickly enable/disable extension groups according to the scene (except for locked or theme class extensions)
3. Smart Sort: intelligent sorting according to your frequency of use (default sort by name)
4. Right-click Menu: provides shortcut functions such as lock, uninstall, option configuration, home page, APP running, etc.
5. Smart Search: Quickly find the extension you need with keywords or phrases
6. Reminder: display the extended status in real time, remind reset after use, reduce resource consumption (except for locked or theme class extension)
7. View Selection: Provide list view and grid view, in line with user habits
8. Group management: general group and fixed group, flexible management
9. Extension Naming: Give your extension an alias you like
10. Automatic matching: You can turn extensions on and off according to different websites
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