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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 | The Homepage Developers Deserve | The Homepage Developers Deserve
User count: 189,737
Rating: 1,567
Get a feed of the hottest developer news personalized to you.
#2 Daily Facts Daily Facts
User count: 21,230
Rating: 1
Daily Facts : Get Daily Facts about Historical Events, Birthdays, Deaths
#3 Daily Tab Daily Tab
Publisher: Daily Stop
User count: 12,802
Rating: 4
Daily Tab - a new experience of using your browser's newtab.
#4 JW Daily Scripture JW Daily Scripture
Publisher: nongeekboy
User count: 3,874
Rating: 244
The JW Daily Scripture, available in your toolbar
#5 Designer Daily Report Designer Daily Report
User count: 9,102
Rating: 284
Everything about design in just 5 minutes.
#6 PurposeTab: Your daily focus on each new tab PurposeTab: Your daily focus on each new tab
Publisher: PurposeTab
User count: 2,330
Rating: 77
Your daily focus, habits, to-do's, goals, and more - always a click away.
#7 Daily Motivation - Motivational Quotes Daily Motivation - Motivational Quotes
Publisher: Ata Gowani
User count: 14,121
Rating: 78
Start every search with motivation. This extension presents you with a motivational quote every time you open a new tab.
#8 Daily Bible Reflection Daily Bible Reflection
User count: 2,919
Rating: 16
Your daily dose of Bible verses right on your new tab page.
#9 Techgenyz - Technology News, Daily Updates Techgenyz - Technology News, Daily Updates
User count: 1,169
Rating: 23
Get top technology news, latest news on mobile, AR, VR, gaming, apps and more. Install Techgenyz Chrome extension to stay updated.
#10 Testing Daily | The Tester's Home Page Testing Daily | The Tester's Home Page
User count: 1,660
Rating: 3
Get the feed of the latest testing news.
#11 Coin Master Free Spins Daily Coin Master Free Spins Daily
User count: 1,603
Rating: 2
Coin Master Daily Free Spins -Daily free spin links
#12 Daily Wallpaper Changer (Google & Wikipedia) Daily Wallpaper Changer (Google & Wikipedia)
Publisher: ssappmkr
User count: 1,282
Rating: 11
Changes the wallpaper of Google and Wikipedia to the Bing Daily Wallpaper. The image updates every day.
#13 The Daily Show's President Florida Man Plugin The Daily Show's President Florida Man Plugin
Publisher: The Daily Show
User count: 1,440
Rating: 42
Trump has changed his permanent residence to Florida so we made a browser extension that changes his name to 'Florida Man.'
#14 GoodPlan - daily notes as NEW TAB page GoodPlan - daily notes as NEW TAB page
User count: 4,994
Rating: 53
A simple convenient journal app to use every day! Saves a lot of time!
#15 Daily Links Daily Links
Publisher: Tab Manager Plus
User count: 1,005
Rating: 7
Opens up a customizable set of links for every day.
#16 Daily Horoscope Daily Horoscope
Publisher: Bee On Themes
User count: 870
Rating: 3
Stay motivated with your daily horoscope, giving you the positive vibe as we unravel your personal life.
#17 Bible Verses Daily Bible Verses Daily
Publisher: Mediastinct
User count: 808
Rating: 2
Daily Verses From The Holy Bible
#18 Daily Bible Verse Daily Bible Verse
User count: 1,138
Rating: 11
Your new tab is now replaced with a daily Bible verse and background image.
#19 Ali Insider- AliExpress Product Research Tool Ali Insider- AliExpress Product Research Tool
User count: 35,512
Rating: 28
AliExpress Product Research Tool optimized for Dropshipping
#20 Daily Weather Forecast Daily Weather Forecast
Publisher: ikakodev
User count: 507
Rating: 2
Accurate weather forecast for the following 14 days
#21 - Daily standup that runs itself - Daily standup that runs itself
User count: 594
Rating: 13
Run faster, more-effective daily standup directly in Google Meet
#22 Genshin Impact Daily Checker Genshin Impact Daily Checker
Publisher: ZzZvAD
User count: 1,754
Rating: 7
Genshin Impact Daily Checker
#23 Daily Chess Puzzle Daily Chess Puzzle
Publisher: Stephen Lenane
User count: 377
Rating: 4
Solve's Daily Puzzle with unlimited access to the puzzle archives, for free!
#24 Daily Mail Blocker Daily Mail Blocker
User count: 3,541
Rating: 70
Blocks links, because you don't need that rubbish in your life.
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