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#1 Hide Discord Sidebar Hide Discord Sidebar
Publisher: patrickxchong
User count: 13,842
Rating: 91
Hide Discord Servers and Channels! Installs a button that hides/shows the Discord server list and autohides the channels list.
#2 Discordmate - Discord Chat Exporter Discordmate - Discord Chat Exporter
Publisher: abel.sonmerfield
User count: 3,885
Rating: 81
The extension that can provide Discord chat log export, batch export of video, images and such attachments in Discord chat history.
#3 Discord Token Login Discord Token Login
Publisher: chr0nn3
User count: 81,801
Rating: 33
Logging into a Discord account using a token, made easier.
#4 Set Discord Activity Set Discord Activity
User count: 31,517
Rating: 213
Set "Playing", "Streaming", "Listening to" & "Watching" in Discord to whatever you want.
#5 Discord Chat Exporter - Save discord chats Discord Chat Exporter - Save discord chats
User count: 4,805
Rating: 37
This tool allows you easily export and download your Discord chat history in Xlsx/html format, and it supports both channels and DM.
#6 PreMiD PreMiD
User count: 352,784
Rating: 280
Your Rich Presence for web services!
#7 Discord Bot Client Discord Bot Client
Publisher: jtmaveryk
User count: 27,252
Rating: 272
This extension allows you to use
#8 Deezer Discord Integration Deezer Discord Integration
Publisher: Adrien Colson
User count: 4,328
Rating: 42
This extension allows the user to display Deezer's current playing song in Discord status.
#9 Discord Notebook Discord Notebook
Publisher: Discord Notebook
User count: 811
Rating: 9
Save Discord messages and view them later
#11 LaTeX in Discord LaTeX in Discord
Publisher: Sophie Huiberts
User count: 748
Rating: 3
Render LaTeX in Discord chat.
#12 Discord Profile Pic Preview Discord Profile Pic Preview
Publisher: tobeh
User count: 731
Rating: 8
Discord Profile Pic Preview lets you try out any image as discord profile pic on every size.
#13 Discord Desktop Discord Desktop
Publisher: MogoX
User count: 591
Rating: 11
Allows you to use discord in a desktop enviroment.
#14 Discord Status Discord Status
Publisher: Bryson Guwin
User count: 3,740
Rating: 26
Set your discord status, simple, easy and free.
#15 dTools - member list saver for Discord dTools - member list saver for Discord
Publisher: automatismworks
User count: 1,143
Rating: 8
To export list of members that contains username, roles, activity, avatar, join date from Discord servers, and save as csv/xlsx
#16 Discord User List Exporter Discord User List Exporter
User count: 490
Rating: 3
One click to export list of discord members of discord server.
#17 Among Us Discord Overlay Among Us Discord Overlay
Publisher: nao
User count: 478
Rating: 2
Adding Among us tools to the Discord Streamkit Overlay.
#18 Metro for Discord by Tako#6238 Metro for Discord by Tako#6238
Publisher: JustMaffie
User count: 537
Rating: 6
Tako's Discord Metro Theme for Google Chrome.
#19 To Discord To Discord
User count: 797
Rating: 5
Sends content to added discord channels
#20 Discord System-Wide PTT Discord System-Wide PTT
Publisher: Michael Martis
User count: 343
Rating: 6
Push-to-talk from anywhere with the Discord web client.
#21 Discord Fonts Discord Fonts
Publisher: newsalltirpura
User count: 423
Rating: 4
New Beautiful Original Discord Fonts Name Text Generator. Discord Fonts Symbol and Special characters .
#22 Discord Enhancer Discord Enhancer
Publisher: dr_ph4nt0m
User count: 686
Rating: 3
This extension will allow you to hide server/channel/member list on Discord
#23 Discord Easy Share Free Discord Easy Share Free
Publisher: AIMX Software
User count: 1,066
Rating: 6
Let you share your current tab url with the discord chat previously configured.
#24 Discord Batch Deleter Discord Batch Deleter
User count: 215
Rating: 3
Batch Delete your Discord channel or IM messages
Publisher: chacegucci
User count: 446
Rating: 3
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300 results. Page 1 of 12.