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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 KanColle Command Center 改 KanColle Command Center 改
Publisher: kc3
User count: 40,451
Rating: 1,095
Kantai Collection Game Viewer and Helper
#2 XLinux terminal for command line XLinux terminal for command line
User count: 7,823
Rating: 28
Web terminal that provides a console of command line to a small online Linux virtual machine
User count: 155,097
Rating: 4
Type simple commands in your browser address bar to improve your web search
#4 Command Generator for Minecraft™ Command Generator for Minecraft™
Publisher: Free Apps
User count: 864
Rating: 2
Quickly generate /give console command for Minecraft.
#5 Speech Recognition Anywhere Speech Recognition Anywhere
User count: 31,446
Rating: 174
Use Voice Recognition to fill out forms and dictate email with speech to text. Control the Internet with custom voice commands!
#6 LipSurf - Voice Control for the Web LipSurf - Voice Control for the Web
User count: 10,353
Rating: 95
Use voice to type, click anything, scroll, watch videos, open webpages, make custom voice shortcuts and more.
#7 Vimium C - All by Keyboard Vimium C - All by Keyboard
User count: 25,317
Rating: 124
A keyboard shortcut tool for keyboard-based page navigation and browser tab operations with an advanced omnibar and global shortcuts
#8 Vimium Vimium
User count: 447,911
Rating: 4,949
The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.
#9 AutoRemote AutoRemote
User count: 5,549
Rating: 99
Send and receive messages to and from your Android Device through AutoRemote
#10 files to command line files to command line
Publisher: Ivan Nevostruev
User count: 186
Rating: 4
Gets list of files in current folder and generate command line commands to download all of them. Source code is avaialble…
#11 Bookmarks Commander Bookmarks Commander
Publisher: brian.girko
User count: 3,803
Rating: 40
A dual-pane Norton Commander liked bookmarks manager that supports sorting, dark theme, search, and duplicate detection
#12 Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 Speech Recognition Anywhere 365
User count: 4,909
Rating: 13
Use Voice Recognition to fill out forms and dictate email with speech to text. Control the Internet with custom voice commands!
#13 LinkedNotes LinkedNotes
Publisher: Pavel Kolmogorov
User count: 9,139
Rating: 426
The extension adds a handy list of notes that synchronizes with Google Bookmarks. A text selected on a web-page can be saved in the…
#14 7 Days to Die Twitch Integration Command Tool 7 Days to Die Twitch Integration Command Tool
Publisher: ax4xtq3dq25b
User count: 370
Rating: 2
This is an extension that sends chats with the click of a button for integration commands.
#15 CCP Command Palette CCP Command Palette
User count: 123
Rating: 8
Control your browser quickier than ever with only your keyboard
#16 UI.Vision RPA UI.Vision RPA
User count: 101,757
Rating: 195
Universal AI-powered task and UI test automation. RPA combines Visual Web Automation, Visual Desktop Automation and Selenium IDE++.
#17 Traffic Command Game - Runs Offline Traffic Command Game - Runs Offline
User count: 116
Rating: 0
Traffic Command is a fun car traffic Game! Keep traffic under control by using the traffic lights. Avoid Accidents. Have Fun!
#18 Office - Enable Copy and Paste Office - Enable Copy and Paste
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 289
Cut, copy, and paste from the right-click menu and ribbon in Office on the web.
#19 SQLite Manager for Google Chrome™ SQLite Manager for Google Chrome™
User count: 2,484
Rating: 5
View or edit one or more SQLite databases simultaneously.
#20 Tile Tabs WE Tile Tabs WE
Publisher: DW-dev
User count: 56,635
Rating: 97
Take tabs from parent windows and arrange them in layouts of tiled sub-windows.
#21 Voice Command Voice Command
User count: 301
Rating: 1
Voice Command turns your web browser into a voice-based assistant.
#22 Command Palette Command Palette
Publisher: Chin Leung
User count: 77
Rating: 3
A command palette to navigate in Google Chrome faster.
#23 Steward Plus Steward Plus
Publisher: tomasy
User count: 2,713
Rating: 45
a command launcher with extension management/app launcher/tab management/history search/alfred
#24 Amazon Command Quickly Amazon Command Quickly
Publisher: ゴン
User count: 3,317
Rating: 3
#25 Chrome Terminal Chrome Terminal
Publisher: Pablo Lion
User count: 1,117
Rating: 0
A Chrome Extension to execute customized commands in the style of Terminal/Command Prompt/Command Line/Power Shell
300 results. Page 1 of 12.