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#1 FoE - Helper FoE - Helper
User count: 116,726
Rating: 332
Small tools and helpers for a better gaming experience in Forge of Empires
#2 FoE-Info FoE-Info
User count: 3,140
Rating: 25
Essential Info for Forge of Empires addicts
#3 FoE - Helper & Tools FoE - Helper & Tools
User count: 4,044
Rating: 5
This AddOn supports you playing in your browser with timer, notifications and notes!
#4 FOE Power Tools FOE Power Tools
User count: 2,680
Rating: 43
A set of tools to manage your Forege of Empires city.
#5 ForgeCommander Integration ForgeCommander Integration
User count: 1,465
Rating: 5
Connects your Forge of Empires session with your ForgeCommander session and optionally records your statistic data to ForgeCommander
#6 Angry Heroes Shooting Game Angry Heroes Shooting Game
User count: 1,110
Rating: 0
In this shooting game, You have to destroy your enemies by taking good aim with angry heroes.
#7 Auto Expander for Gmail™ Auto Expander for Gmail™
User count: 601
Rating: 10
Automatically expands too long mails in Gmail™.
#8 HujiDigmiXport HujiDigmiXport
Publisher: AviH
User count: 240
Rating: 5
Allows exporting ICal calendar from Digmi for HUJI.
#9 xkcd Thread Muter xkcd Thread Muter
Publisher: Amber Yust
User count: 29
Rating: 3
A way to mute certain forum threads, hiding them from thread lists as well as making the thread posts themselves nearly transparent.
#10 Naughty or Nice List Naughty or Nice List
Publisher: A Alan Ventures
User count: 10
Rating: 0
Stores your favorite or unfavorite text searches and alerts you when they appear on the active page.
#11 Sonic Frontiers Game Sonic Frontiers Game
User count: 20
Rating: 0
Play Sonic Frontiers game online for free on PC and mobile! enjoy! Play right on your Chrome! Without internet.
#12 T-Rex Batman runner T-Rex Batman runner
User count: 3,077
Rating: 3
Chrome's offline running dino game batman theme
#13 T-Rex Joker runner T-Rex Joker runner
User count: 310
Rating: 2
Chrome's offline running dino game joker theme
#14 Strategy Games Strategy Games
Publisher: ..
User count: 97
Rating: 2
HTML5 Strategy Games are unpredictable, testing games in which players need to prepare so as to succeed
#15 Hipinion Paster Hipinion Paster
Publisher: autarch
User count: 62
Rating: 0
Automatically generate bbcode when you paste links into a hipinion post. Users can hide threads and superkill foes as well.
#16 Hotmind - Tasks Manager Hotmind - Tasks Manager
User count: 1
Rating: 0
Hotmind - Tasks Manager
#17 There to Their There to Their
Publisher: Big Monocle Labs
User count: 9
Rating: 1
This extension switches the text There with Their on any website you visit.
#18 Crazy Buttons Crazy Buttons
Publisher: Slacker
User count: 1
Rating: 0
Annoy your friends or foes. This extension helps teach people to keep their computers locked
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