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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Chemistry Reference Resolver Chemistry Reference Resolver
User count: 8,431
Rating: 44
This extensions quickly resolves a chemical reference
#3 Reference App Reference App
Publisher: Fraser Deans
User count: 5,657
Rating: 8
A handy referencing application that allows you to generate references in the Harvard style without leaving your current webpage.
#4 Dictionary, Thesaurus & Reference Dictionary, Thesaurus & Reference
User count: 8,716
Rating: 27
Quick access to reference pages on and
#5 Scales & Modes Quick Reference Scales & Modes Quick Reference
User count: 6,125
Rating: 60
Musical Scales and Modes Quick Reference.
#6 Reference for Ingress Reference for Ingress
Publisher: Robert J. Walker
User count: 524
Rating: 6
Calculators and reference for Ingress
#7 Website Quick Reference Website Quick Reference
User count: 1,684
Rating: 2
This utility helps you to extract website sources according to Harvard standards quickly!
#8 Browser Redirection Extension (Beta) Browser Redirection Extension (Beta)
User count: 6,821
Rating: 0
This extension redirects Webpages. 3d9b9fa795f
#9 PopVerse Bible Study System PopVerse Bible Study System
User count: 2,845
Rating: 32
Makes links of Bible refs for included King James Bible. View via popup or window. Supports reference entry and searching.
#10 Baha'i Reference Library Wiki Overlay Baha'i Reference Library Wiki Overlay
User count: 93
Rating: 6
Overlays official Baha'i Reference Library site ( with links back to collaboratively editable wikis
Publisher: PERRLA, LLC
User count: 2,293
Rating: 4
PERRLA - Reference & Citation Generator
#12 EasyPubMed EasyPubMed
Publisher: EasyPubMed
User count: 40,414
Rating: 55
EasyPubMed makes PubMed easy to use
#13 RotoGrinders Baseball Reference RotoGrinders Baseball Reference
User count: 638
Rating: 4
Show DFS Points next to Player Stat Tables
#15 Wikipedia Inline References Wikipedia Inline References
User count: 70
Rating: 1
Information about a source at a glance. Inserts Wikipedia reference information inline, next to where it was mentioned.
#16 Citasion Citasion
User count: 544
Rating: 12
Manage your references with ease where you write and cite.
#18 Flash Cards : HTML Reference Flash Cards : HTML Reference
User count: 318
Rating: 0
HTML Reference Flash Cards
#19 Paperpile Extension Paperpile Extension
User count: 187,426
Rating: 170
Collect, organize, annotate and cite your research papers in Chrome
#20 Hiration - Linkedin Review Chrome Extension Hiration - Linkedin Review Chrome Extension
User count: 1,092
Rating: 14
Hiration - LinkedIn review chrome extension
#21 jQuery Reference jQuery Reference
Publisher: Shojun Kimura
User count: 95
Rating: 0
jQuery Reference Search Extension
#22 Amazing Searcher Amazing Searcher
Publisher: eetann
User count: 656
Rating: 3
Add useful information to Google Search results
#23 Wallace Quick Reference Wallace Quick Reference
Publisher: Samantha Warren
User count: 138
Rating: 0
A place to quickly find forms and information.
#24 HackBar HackBar
Publisher: 0140454
User count: 48,907
Rating: 44
A browser extension for Penetration Testing
#25 Simple = Select + Search Simple = Select + Search
User count: 27,628
Rating: 222
Right click on selected text to search on multiple search engines for Chrome. Supports grouping engines, incongito, and more.
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