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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Property Tracker Property Tracker
Publisher: codemwnci
User count: 28,516
Rating: 89
Tracks changes to property prices on the RightMove website.
#2 Property Investigation Tools Property Investigation Tools
User count: 7,046
Rating: 19
Property investigation tools including asking price history. Some features require a free account, see
#3 Property Seeker Property Seeker
Publisher: cheesestringer
User count: 1,935
Rating: 4
Calculate the price range for property advertised on Domain and Real Estate.
#4 Property Market Intel: Property Insights Property Market Intel: Property Insights
User count: 445
Rating: 2
Intelligent property investment tool which adds unique insights to listings on Rightmove, Zoopla & OnTheMarket
#5 Property Listing Analyzer Property Listing Analyzer
Publisher: David Lackey
User count: 450
Rating: 2
This extension examines Redfin listing pages and shows a pop-up with a deal analysis, including cash-on-cash return.
#6 Property Efficax Property Efficax
Publisher: Property Efficax
User count: 362
Rating: 3
Keeps track of price changes on Rightmove. Gives you property price averages for similar properties.
#7 - NFT Rarity & Ranking Sniper - NFT Rarity & Ranking Sniper
User count: 18,183
Rating: 92
NFT Analytic Tool - Best Way to Find Rare NFTs
#8 TurboList by TurboTenant TurboList by TurboTenant
Publisher: TurboTenant
User count: 8,843
Rating: 3
Post your property listings on Facebook Marketplace to increase exposure and connect with potential tenants.
#9 Grossyield | Investment property deal finder Grossyield | Investment property deal finder
User count: 227
Rating: 3
Find incredible house or building deals by searching with rental performance and performance metrics.
#10 Vali property valuation Vali property valuation
Publisher: Vali
User count: 825
Rating: 12
Vali adds a property valuation estimate to real estate listings. Ever been frustrated by a listing with no price indication?…
#11 Export Zillow data to Excel Export Zillow data to Excel
User count: 1,397
Rating: 4
Export Zillow search results to Excel with one click.
#12 The Closing Docs The Closing Docs
User count: 3,142
Rating: 2
Integrate automated income verification into your property management software
#13 Code Cola Code Cola
User count: 30,689
Rating: 253
Code Cola is a chrome extension for editing online pages' css style visually.
#14 Property Extra Property Extra
Publisher: Property Extra
User count: 63
Rating: 0
The Property Extra browser extension provides listing price history. Currently compatible with
#15 Property Atlas - SF Property Atlas - SF
Publisher: Property Atlas
User count: 61
Rating: 0
Property Atlas augments your San Francisco property map experience.
#16 GoodData Extension Tool GoodData Extension Tool
User count: 1,640
Rating: 17
Makes your life easier when developing in GoodData Cloud BI platform
#17 Cash Flow Calculator Cash Flow Calculator
User count: 478
Rating: 9
Calculate property cash flow with a single click!
#18 Property Map Assistant Property Map Assistant
User count: 41
Rating: 1
Marks property map search results as "hidden" or "saved".
#19 Zillow Data Exporter Zillow Data Exporter
User count: 581
Rating: 8
Export Zillow property listings to CSV or Excel in one click.
#20 NeighborWho - Ownership, Deed, and Lien Data NeighborWho - Ownership, Deed, and Lien Data
Publisher: NeighborWho
User count: 1,047
Rating: 4
Use NeighborWho to research additional property information such as Owners, Deeds and Lien information if available
#21 Ryte structured data helper Ryte structured data helper
Publisher: Ryte
User count: 6,367
Rating: 14
The Ryte Structured Data Helper is a handy overview to quickly and clearly validate your page’s Schema markup. It highlights syntax…
#22 Relo Estate Property Relo Estate Property
User count: 39
Rating: 1
ReloTalent addon allows you to import properties directly from the real estate website to your environment
#23 Ostrich Ostrich
Publisher: ostrichplugin
User count: 418
Rating: 3
Speed up your workflow!
#24 Property Power Property Power
User count: 33
Rating: 0
Giving you the numbers the listing left out.
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