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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 History & Cache Cleaner - Smart Clean History & Cache Cleaner - Smart Clean
Publisher: Smart extension
User count: 157,472
Rating: 111
Best way to clean cache and Chrome browsing data! Сlean History, Remove Downloads, Clear Cookie, Clear Cache or set auto history…
#2 Smart Searching Tab Smart Searching Tab
Publisher: Searches Central
User count: 151,432
Rating: 17
Smart Searching replaces your new tab page and provides you with popular trending searches!
#4 Smart Color Picker Smart Color Picker
Publisher: georginepxp54
User count: 1,334,304
Rating: 26
Smartest color picker tool for your browser. HEX, RGB, HSL colors, eyedropper tool, web site palette.
#5 Smart Share From eBay Smart Share From eBay
User count: 23,109
Rating: 66
Find items, share links, and earn commissions as you visit any page on eBay.
#6 Smart Mute Smart Mute
Publisher: Chyno Deluxe
User count: 12,658
Rating: 94
Listen to audio one tab at a time.
#7 Smart Auto Refresh Smart Auto Refresh
User count: 74,653
Rating: 251
Smart auto refresh extension automatically refreshes web pages on a selected time interval
#8 Smart TOC Smart TOC
Publisher: FallenMax
User count: 22,535
Rating: 81
Webpage outliner
#9 Awesome Auto Refresh Awesome Auto Refresh
Publisher: Marina Dmitrenko
User count: 1,093,003
Rating: 7
Auto refresh tool with multiple smart timers
#10 Arcelik Smart TV Browser Emulator Arcelik Smart TV Browser Emulator
Publisher: Cagatay Sonmez
User count: 10,035
Rating: 11
This extension injects Arcelik Smart TV APIs to your web page and simulates TV environment as much as possible
#11 Smart Adblocker Smart Adblocker
Publisher: Smart Adblocker
User count: 14,577
Rating: 1
Faster, Safer and Light weight AdBlocker for Chrome that blocks ads on all websites
#13 Smart Page Ruler Smart Page Ruler
Publisher: Rahul Baruri
User count: 50,181
Rating: 48
Smart Page Ruler is the developer tool to measure every element of your web page more precisely. You can get the relative and…
#15 Smart Copy - Copy in Minutes, Not Days Smart Copy - Copy in Minutes, Not Days
User count: 5,086
Rating: 8
Your shortcut to well-crafted copy, straight from your browser. Smart Copy will help you write, rewrite, summarize or expand it.
#16 Ringostat Smart Phone Ringostat Smart Phone
User count: 3,833
Rating: 11
Smart telephone and sales rep’s analytical assistant right in the browser.
#17 Smart Search Smart Search
User count: 10,771
Rating: 3
Your personalized smart search engine for smart users!
#18 smart-pass smart-pass
Publisher: Fabian Henneke
User count: 3,583
Rating: 6
Fill in login forms using an OpenPGP-enabled smart card
#19 Adblocker Smart Adblocker Smart
Publisher: totallzero
User count: 6,049
Rating: 6
Malware and Adware blocking on all websites. Lower RAM and CPU usage.
#20 Smart TV Emulator Smart TV Emulator
Publisher: Hasan ERYILMAZ
User count: 3,111
Rating: 5
The Smart TV Emulator enables any developers to test and debug their HTML5 apps for the Smart TV App Store.
#21 Smart PDF - PDF Converter Tool Smart PDF - PDF Converter Tool
User count: 41,015
Rating: 280
The #1 PDF converter tool that comes to make your work easy. Convert PDF online easily
#22 Smart HTTPS Smart HTTPS
Publisher: Lynn
User count: 10,288
Rating: 32
Automatically changes HTTP protocol to HTTPS, and if loading encounters error, reverts it back to HTTP.
#23 Smart LG TV Remote Controller Smart LG TV Remote Controller
Publisher: dobrosi
User count: 11,002
Rating: 314
This extension provides remote controller for LG Smart TVs.
#24 StudyIQ: Smart Way of Learning StudyIQ: Smart Way of Learning
Publisher: StudyIQ
User count: 2,176
Rating: 38
Learn and Navigate Smartly through StudyIQ Videos
#25 Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate
User count: 2,559
Rating: 54
Intelligently blocks adult/pornographic content by applying artificial intelligence to analyze images on every page
300 results. Page 1 of 12.