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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension
Publisher: Microsoft
User count: 1,894,695
Rating: 61
My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension
#3 smart-pass smart-pass
Publisher: Fabian Henneke
User count: 3,036
Rating: 6
Fill in login forms using an OpenPGP-enabled smart card
#4 BetterDiscord X BetterDiscord X
Publisher: MogoX
User count: 2,026
Rating: 21
Allows you to alter css and javascript of a website.
#5 Online Copyright Registration Online Copyright Registration
Publisher: Gaba
User count: 106
Rating: 2
Copyright registration in a fairly simple and painless process with an easy to use platform that protects your hard work
#6 Moto Key Moto Key
User count: 741
Rating: 44
Securely login to apps and websites using the fingerprint on your Moto phone.
#7 Cache Text Cache Text
Publisher: Dickson Tsai
User count: 296
Rating: 5
Set shortcuts to find, fill, and open new tabs more quickly.
#8 Wall of Marvel Wall of Marvel
Publisher: martimatix
User count: 514
Rating: 12
Shows the latest comic book covers from Marvel when opening a new tab.
#10 Image Downloader Continued Image Downloader Continued
Publisher: DK
User count: 35,948
Rating: 86
Browse and download images on a web page.
#11 NVIDIA nvis NVIDIA nvis
Publisher: Jim Nilsson
User count: 160
Rating: 1
An image/stream viewer extension by NVIDIA!
#12 Youtube Orange Youtube Orange
Publisher: Robert
User count: 799
Rating: 24
Free your YouTube from Copyright trolls. Give a plan B to content creators, and protest copyright takedowns in the process!
#13 WorkFlowy for Coders WorkFlowy for Coders
Publisher: medovob
User count: 657
Rating: 29
An extension for WorkFlowy to add markdown support and syntax highlighting in notes
#14 ICS to GCal ICS to GCal
Publisher: Fabian Henneke
User count: 6,932
Rating: 19
Import .ics files into Google Calendar with just two clicks
#15 Tab Keeper Tab Keeper
Publisher: Jayaram Jinaga
User count: 1,545
Rating: 29
Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back.
#16 Desktop For Instagram Desktop For Instagram
Publisher: Unimania
User count: 332,676
Rating: 3,426
Use Desktop For Instagram To Get The Best Mobile Instagram Look And Feel Experience!
#17 CanvasCape CanvasCape
Publisher: Gabe Abrams
User count: 1,210
Rating: 7
A suite of tools that enhance the Canvas LMS. Each tool is simple and designed with students and teaching teams in mind.
#18 Harpoon for Instagram Harpoon for Instagram
User count: 160
Rating: 2
Download any image or video from Instagram using Harpoon for Instagram. Just click the blue buoy icon displayed in the address bar.
#19 Our Mouse Gesture Our Mouse Gesture
User count: 1,066
Rating: 7
This is Mouse Gesture Extension. This has 18 gesture functions and mouse wheel action function.
#20 Tabbed Postman - REST Client Tabbed Postman - REST Client
Publisher: oznu
User count: 124,404
Rating: 164
No separate window required! This is the legacy postman extension that can run in a Chrome tab. * Now runs in tab. * Does not…
#21 svg-grabber - get all the svg's from a site svg-grabber - get all the svg's from a site
Publisher: NGTI
User count: 112,303
Rating: 83
A tool to quickly preview and get all the svg assets from a website.
#22 vx vx
Publisher: dtinth
User count: 527
Rating: 5
This extension listens to you and copies what you said to the clipboard.
#23 tuner tuner
Publisher: dtinth
User count: 596
Rating: 3
A chromatic tuner for your browser????
#24 Notification Center: Messenger Groups Events Notification Center: Messenger Groups Events
User count: 70,815
Rating: 1,690
Notification Center provides an overview of alerts for Facebook (TM): Notifications, Messenger, Groups and Events
#25 CoWIN Pro CoWIN Pro
Publisher: Kumar
User count: 295
Rating: 18
The User Experience Enhancer for India's Co-WIN Site and App.
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