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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Pivo Present Pivo Present
Publisher: 3i Inc.
User count: 2,049
Rating: 6
Give the perfect pitch. Bring presentations to life with Pivo Pod’s Auto-Tracking.
#2 Attendance for Google Meet™ Attendance for Google Meet™
Publisher: Tyler and Adit
User count: 38,070
Rating: 69
Records Google Meet™ attendance and exports to Google Sheets™.
#3 Live Present Slides Live Present Slides
Publisher: randylubin
User count: 1,733
Rating: 2
Make Google Slides appear in 'Present' mode while still being editable. Just hit fullscreen and you're good to go.
#4 Forest: stay focused, be present Forest: stay focused, be present
User count: 948,415
Rating: 1,142
Stay focused in a pleasant way.
#5 History Map History Map
User count: 886
Rating: 6
Browsing with a map in hand
#6 Go Present code highlighter Go Present code highlighter
Publisher: josephbuchma
User count: 109
Rating: 4
Highlights Go code in golang's Present slides.
#7 OR Manager OR Manager
User count: 108
Rating: 1
Xpath Evaluator will help you to find Xpath and other properties of a WebElement and save it to form an object repository
#8 YTMusic random album YTMusic random album
Publisher: Lubomír Moric
User count: 685
Rating: 3
Picks a random album from your YouTube Music library and plays it.
#9 Elucidate - Present via Webcam Elucidate - Present via Webcam
User count: 171
Rating: 0
Chrome Extension for overlaying your webcam on any webpage - ideal for screensharing, presentations and video calls!
#10 Gmail-2-Trello Gmail-2-Trello
User count: 5,998
Rating: 10
Gmail+Trello integration. Add Google mail to Trello cards with text, backlinks, and attachments.
#11 Slick RSS by users Slick RSS by users
Publisher: gandfhdev
User count: 5,213
Rating: 13
A full featured RSS reader that's fully contained within the browser.
#12 MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer MightyText - SMS from PC & Text from Computer
User count: 267,238
Rating: 8,848
SMS from PC or Mac using your Android #. Sync Text Messages, Calls, Notifications, Photos, Battery Status
#13 Notion Slide Shows Notion Slide Shows
Publisher: tklightningfast
User count: 1,044
Rating: 1
Create Slide Show Presentations in Notion!
#14 GoodData Extension Tool GoodData Extension Tool
User count: 1,651
Rating: 17
Makes your life easier when developing in GoodData Cloud BI platform
#15 GMB Everywhere - GBP Audit for Local SEO GMB Everywhere - GBP Audit for Local SEO
User count: 51,967
Rating: 40
View GMB categories, GMB Audits, Review audit, and Post audit. Spy, audit, and crush your GMB competitor with this Local SEO tool.
#16 Stackby Webclipper Stackby Webclipper
User count: 471
Rating: 2
Clip any web content to directly to your stacks in Stackby
#17 Demandware With Ease Demandware With Ease
User count: 25,154
Rating: 89
Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C with ease!
#18 PiPPY - Native picture in picture PiPPY - Native picture in picture
User count: 17,972
Rating: 36
Native Google Chrome extension for picture in picture mode. Supports Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook and many other platforms.
#19 Commanders Act Assistant Commanders Act Assistant
Publisher: TagCommander
User count: 6,636
Rating: 25
Commanders Act Assistant helps to troubleshoot TagCommander implementation and more
#20 ScreenBeam Classroom Commander Extension ScreenBeam Classroom Commander Extension
Publisher: ScreenBeam Inc.
User count: 10,242
Rating: 0
Enhance the learning experience with ScreenBeam wireless display and classroom orchestration.
#21 Export SVG with Style Export SVG with Style
Publisher: oroadfc
User count: 5,707
Rating: 41
Adds a SVG export button to the browser, which spits out SVG DOM elements present on page as files including CSS.
#22 Phenom Real-time CRM Phenom Real-time CRM
Publisher: Phenom People
User count: 5,246
Rating: 6
The Phenom Real-time CRM Extension enables you to search, manage and edit existing leads in CRM.
#23 Inspect Canonical Inspect Canonical
User count: 4,447
Rating: 11
Easily check the canonical tag of a page
#24 URL shortener URL shortener
User count: 2,037
Rating: 16
aparg's new extension is designed to shorten active tab URL
User count: 61
Rating: 1
WIMK (What Is My Key) retrieves the ID for any item stored on your Google Drive !
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