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#1 Redirect URL, Modify Headers & Mock APIs Redirect URL, Modify Headers & Mock APIs
User count: 162,398
Rating: 989
Web Debugging Proxy to Intercept & Modify HTTPs Requests - Redirect URL, Modify Headers, Mock APIs, Modify Response, Insert Scripts
#2 Mokku: Mock API calls seamlessly Mokku: Mock API calls seamlessly
Publisher: Mukul Jain
User count: 10,408
Rating: 37
Adds the API mocker Mokku to Dev Tools for seamless integration & testing.
#3 tweak: mock and modify HTTP requests tweak: mock and modify HTTP requests
User count: 16,935
Rating: 71
Mock or modify your HTTP requests to test, develop and demo your web application
#4 MockMan - mock APIs MockMan - mock APIs
Publisher: sudobird
User count: 1,133
Rating: 9
Mocks api responses for AJAX (XHR) requests. (Postman for Frontend)
#5 Oh-my-Mock Oh-my-Mock
Publisher: Lucas Caljé
User count: 1,260
Rating: 8
Extension for caching and mocking API (XHR/Fetch) responses
#6 ModResponse - Mock and replay API ModResponse - Mock and replay API
User count: 1,615
Rating: 1
Mock, modify, and replay API. Easy setup. No proxy needed. No code change required.
#7 Mimic , mock http requests Mimic , mock http requests
Publisher: Almog Sade
User count: 294
Rating: 5
Mimic is a seamless mocking tool that runs inside your browser.No configuration needed!
#8 Apifox Browser Extension Apifox Browser Extension
User count: 2,399
Rating: 1
API 文档、API 调试、API Mock、API 自动化测试
#9 Parrot API mocking Parrot API mocking
Publisher: Ruud Landman
User count: 124
Rating: 2
Hassle-free mocking of asynchronous API call responses.
#10 Mock Proxy Mock Proxy
Publisher: jaredliu233
User count: 44
Rating: 4
chrome mv3版mock代理工具,支持oneapi、rap2、yapi等平台代理
#11 Fast Mock Fast Mock
Publisher: chibang
User count: 43
Rating: 1
Tool for Front-end development engineer, which can fast creat mock!
#12 walle mock extension v3 walle mock extension v3
Publisher: liaoberlin
User count: 104
Rating: 0
Api mock & debug extension for walle
#13 Worm World Mock Worm World Mock
User count: 335
Rating: 0
Use wormworld skins in any other extension. And free the rooms.
#14 YAPI MOCK Plugin YAPI MOCK Plugin
Publisher: kaku_fe
User count: 297
Rating: 0
Quickly simulate the interface defined on platform A, to achieve plug-ins compatible with all projects without modifying the code
User count: 15
Rating: 0
#16 YMock: Mock API calls info YMock: Mock API calls info
Publisher: roc
User count: 13
Rating: 2
#17 Detrumpify Detrumpify
User count: 1,148
Rating: 57
Replaces references to Donald Trump with more accurate descriptions.
#18 MoCKiNg SaRcAsEtIc TeXt MoCKiNg SaRcAsEtIc TeXt
User count: 73
Rating: 0
To quickly turn regular text into mocking/sarcastic text. (Inspired by Spongebob meme)
#19 Dummy Dummy
User count: 163
Rating: 0
More than mock.
#20 URL Redirect for Developers URL Redirect for Developers
Publisher: Brian Mock
User count: 911
Rating: 1
Allows you to redirect one URL to another. It is intended to help developers debug issues on production websites.
#21 Browser Proxy Browser Proxy
Publisher: boikovladislav
User count: 38
Rating: 1
Replace fetch, XMLHttpRequest, AJAX responses on the fly!
#22 nei-chrome-devtools nei-chrome-devtools
Publisher: amibug
User count: 69
Rating: 0
#23 Yet Another New Tab Page Yet Another New Tab Page
Publisher: Brian Mock
User count: 193
Rating: 14
It's a new tab page extension. It's better than the default one. Give it a try. Now featuring a new theme and improved…
#24 mOcKY - mOcKInG tExT mOcKY - mOcKInG tExT
Publisher: Yazdaan
User count: 45
Rating: 2
spONgeBOB-meMe MOck TExT gENerAtOr.
#25 Mock Response Mock Response
Publisher: 白眉鹰王
User count: 6
Rating: 1
Provides support to MockResponse HTML/CSS/Javascript/JSON. No external app installation required
98 results. Page 1 of 4.