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#1 Cute Food & Drinks Cursor Cute Food & Drinks Cursor
User count: 1,673
Rating: 5
Cute Food & Drinks cursor for chrome. Choose your favorite Cute Food & Drinks cursor with this extension. For Cute Food Drinks fans.
#2 Roblox Wallpaper Roblox Wallpaper
User count: 167,250
Rating: 0
Roblox wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Roblox background.
#3 PUBG Wallpaper PUBG Wallpaper
Publisher: CnTabs
User count: 163,771
Rating: 0
PUBG wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD PUBG background.
#4 MyFitnessPal Food Diary Percentages MyFitnessPal Food Diary Percentages
Publisher: Aaron
User count: 1,226
Rating: 38
Adds display of Carb/Protein/Fat -macro- percentages to any daily food diary page on MyFitnessPal.
#5 Food Service Rewards Food Service Rewards
User count: 591
Rating: 33
We find you deals when you’re shopping on distributors’ sites so you don’t have to. Save time. Save Money. Get rewarded.
User count: 3,007
Rating: 40
Built by registered dietitians to help you make better food choices.
#7 Dragon Evolution Game for Chrome Dragon Evolution Game for Chrome
Publisher: FreeGames
User count: 3,548
Rating: 0
Dragon Evolution is a very entertaining online puzzle game that we have chosen for you.
#8 Grand Commander Grand Commander
Publisher: FreeGames
User count: 3,280
Rating: 0
The hero of the online game Grand Commander is a real legend.
#9 Burger Restaurant Express - Food Game Burger Restaurant Express - Food Game
User count: 818
Rating: 2
Do you like cooking game? then this burger making game is for you. Start play food game!
#10 Tap Supermarket - Food Game Tap Supermarket - Food Game
User count: 807
Rating: 1
A large supermarket has appeared in our city, and you will become its manager in charge of literally everything.
#11 Good Food ProPoints Good Food ProPoints
User count: 259
Rating: 7
This extension calculates WeightWatchers ProPoints for recipes on the BBC's Good Food website. The points are calculated from the…
#12 Food Roulette Food Roulette
Publisher: Wesley Martinez
User count: 48
Rating: 0
This Executes a random food location search based on filters given by the user
#13 Dining Alliance Dining Alliance
User count: 624
Rating: 0
See rebated items as you shop
#14 Food Days Food Days
Publisher: thinkingalaud
User count: 33
Rating: 6
A new tab page for when it's a food day!
#15 Catadoo - A Free, Playful and Fun Todolist! Catadoo - A Free, Playful and Fun Todolist!
Publisher: Joel Benjamin
User count: 858
Rating: 5
Catadoo is a gamified fun todolist that will make you want to finish your tasks
#16 Bird Food and Parrot Food Experts Bird Food and Parrot Food Experts
Publisher: superezsystems
User count: 36
Rating: 0
Bird and parrot food bird behavior and bird cage experts We offer pet bird keepers relevant information how to keep pet birds
#17 E-food Order Tracker & Analytics E-food Order Tracker & Analytics
User count: 50
Rating: 5
Keep track of time for your e-food orders and view interesting analytics.
#18 e-FOOD Order Clock e-FOOD Order Clock
Publisher: iamstratos
User count: 18
Rating: 8
We add your order time on e-FOOD Thank you page.
#19 Download Food Lion Shopping History Download Food Lion Shopping History
Publisher: Alex Chapman
User count: 42
Rating: 0
Chrome extension that downloads shopping history from currently viewed Food Lion page as a CSV
#20 FoodLama - Your Personal Shopping Genie FoodLama - Your Personal Shopping Genie
User count: 154
Rating: 9
Find foods that match your lifestyle as you browse
#21 Source1 Source1
User count: 236
Rating: 1
See rebated items as you shop
#22 FitBitKeto FitBitKeto
Publisher: Antonio Cangiano
User count: 2,547
Rating: 74
This extension replaces the sodium column in FitBit's food logger with net carbs for ketogenic and low carb dieters
#23 Essential Food Label Essential Food Label
Publisher: foodfate
User count: 20
Rating: 1
Your food label distilled into three items: price per kcalorie, number of ingredients, presence or absence of flavoring.
#24 Food Truck Finder Notifier Food Truck Finder Notifier
User count: 36
Rating: 3
Displays food trucks that are near you now or will be near you later
#25 Food Inspector Food Inspector
User count: 15
Rating: 0
Inspects your food for harmful and healthy ingridients. You ought to know what you eat.
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