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#1 Point Point
User count: 5,750
Rating: 126
Point is a quick way to share and discuss what you find online.
#2 Twitch Channel Point Auto Claimer Twitch Channel Point Auto Claimer
Publisher: barryyik
User count: 14,321
Rating: 22
Auto-claiming bonus channel points on with record tracing function.
#3 Twitch Auto Points Clicker & Point Tracker Twitch Auto Points Clicker & Point Tracker
Publisher: svendy
User count: 8,545
Rating: 13
Twitch point collector and point tracker.
#4 Le Point Le Point
User count: 2,278
Rating: 19
Suivez toute l'actualité en temps réel avec Le Point : politique, économie, société, culture, lifestyle...
#5 Authorize.Net Point of Sale Authorize.Net Point of Sale
Publisher: Authorize.Net
User count: 24,941
Rating: 2
This Chrome Extension is a component of Authorize.Net Point-of-Sale tools.
#6 Dominion Point Counter Dominion Point Counter
Publisher: drheld
User count: 334
Rating: 46
Dominion Point Counter
#7 Scrum for Trello Scrum for Trello
Publisher: Q42
User count: 95,455
Rating: 334
Adds Scrum story points to your Trello
#8 Points for Trello Points for Trello
Publisher: Julien Graglia
User count: 3,743
Rating: 44
Enhance Trello's cards with freely configurable points
#9 QlikView Access Point QlikView Access Point
User count: 511
Rating: 2
Navigate through your QlikView Access Point documents in Chrome
#10 Color Picker Tool - Geco Color Picker Tool - Geco
Publisher: App Division
User count: 83,807
Rating: 64
Grab colors from web pages, color picker, color history. Compared to Color picker, color pick, eyedropper, colorzilla this better.
#11 Story Point Calculator Story Point Calculator
User count: 592
Rating: 0
A quick estimator tool to uniformly estimate story points during sprint planning. Use this tool as your team plans sprints!
#12 Channel Point and Drop Collector Channel Point and Drop Collector
Publisher: WeaselStorm
User count: 2,417
Rating: 5
Collects bonus channel points and claims Drops while watching a stream on Twitch.
#13 Schoology Plus Schoology Plus
User count: 145,328
Rating: 89
Schoology Plus enhances your Schoology experience with numerous interface improvements
#14 Auto-Point Claimer Auto-Point Claimer
Publisher: LorenKociko
User count: 1,684
Rating: 4
An easy and automatic way to claim Channel Points for
#15 Cryptocurrency Price Tracker Cryptocurrency Price Tracker
User count: 3,228
Rating: 109
This simple extension allows you to track price changes of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
#16 Points for Trello - Combined Edition Points for Trello - Combined Edition
Publisher: 91dave
User count: 1,041
Rating: 9
Shamelessly adapted from the very useful 'Points for Trello' extension (see
#17 Trello Story Point Counts Trello Story Point Counts
Publisher: jay mcmunn
User count: 196
Rating: 2
Show the count of story points (based on syntax) at the header of a Trello list.
#18 Five Point Oh - A WebReg Extension Five Point Oh - A WebReg Extension
Publisher: GooeyBar
User count: 1,150
Rating: 20
Search RateMyProfessors directly from Rutgers course websites
#19 EasyVPN - The Secured Connection for Web EasyVPN - The Secured Connection for Web
Publisher: Easy VPN
User count: 1,536,866
Rating: 96
Advanced Free VPN tool that helps to protect your privacy. Choose the country and connect to a secured network in a second
#20 Microsoft Rewards Microsoft Rewards
User count: 2,697,761
Rating: 739
Use the Microsoft Rewards extension to find new ways to earn every day, easily track your points and set your default search to Bing
#21 Point de Contact Point de Contact
Publisher: VERIFROM
User count: 111
Rating: 0
Report to Point De Contact any illegal content from your web browser
#22 Story Point Totals for JIRA Kanban Boards Story Point Totals for JIRA Kanban Boards
User count: 197
Rating: 1
This extension totals story points in JIRA Kanban boards and puts them at the top of each column.
#23 Ecriture·Inclusive·Facile — e·i·f Ecriture·Inclusive·Facile — e·i·f
Publisher: Leersie
User count: 2,090
Rating: 41
Remplace les points à l'intérieur des mots en points médians pour écrire facilement en écriture inclusive.
#24 CSR Racing 2 Mod CSR Racing 2 Mod
User count: 1,387
Rating: 2
To get ahead faster, just download the CSR Racing 2 mod mobile apk unlimited gold now!
#25 Twitch Channel Points Gift Box Plugin Twitch Channel Points Gift Box Plugin
Publisher: Paul Purifoy
User count: 222
Rating: 1
This extension automatically clicks the channel point gift box for each tab that has a Twitch stream.
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