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#1 Steam Inventory Helper Steam Inventory Helper
User count: 1,152,885
Rating: 8,310
Improving Steam. Items auto-selling. Lowest prices for games and items. Prices from different sources. And a lot more
#2 Augmented Steam Augmented Steam
Publisher: IsThereAnyDeal
User count: 244,257
Rating: 226
Augments your Steam Experience
#3 CSGO Trader - Steam Trading Enhancer CSGO Trader - Steam Trading Enhancer
User count: 128,567
Rating: 91
Extension to help with CS:GO trading, trade-lock countdown, in-browser inspect, doppler phases, prices, float values, etc
#4 Steam Profile Assistant Steam Profile Assistant
User count: 72,676
Rating: 127
Does various things to assist with making Steam profile artwork.
#5 Search items in steam groups. Search items in steam groups.
Publisher: 14k
User count: 6,888
Rating: 54
This extension allows to find items you looking for in Steam group members inventories. (On Steam group members page e.g.…
#6 Steam Market History Plus Steam Market History Plus
User count: 17,281
Rating: 71
Provides a more useful Steam Market History, allowing you to search, sort, highlight, track earnings, and customize
#7 Steam URL Opener Steam URL Opener
Publisher: veteran29
User count: 5,337
Rating: 28
Allows you to open URLs inside Steam Client to save the hasle of logging in normal browser.
#8 Steam All Region Price Checker Steam All Region Price Checker
User count: 4,260
Rating: 39
Enables the user display all the regional costs of a Steam game simultaneously
#9 Steam Card Assistant Steam Card Assistant
User count: 4,748
Rating: 4
Extends the Steam Badge crafting system by crafting multiple badges at once, as well as other useful features.
#10 Steam Artwork Hub Essentials Steam Artwork Hub Essentials
User count: 3,617
Rating: 6
Steam Artwork Hub Essentials is an extension for Steam that allows you to upload long artworks, screenshots, workshops and guides.
#11 Steam : Game finder Steam : Game finder
Publisher: Nebukam
User count: 2,807
Rating: 9
Steam : Game Finder allows you to find which multiplayer games are shared within a group of steam users
#12 Steam Price Comparison - Unpowered edition Steam Price Comparison - Unpowered edition
User count: 2,260
Rating: 46
Displays prices from all regions in the Steam store and convert them to your local currency
#13 Ban Checker for Steam Ban Checker for Steam
Publisher: Geku
User count: 87,524
Rating: 286
Automatically check bans of people you recently played with, your friends, and group members.
Publisher: LISteam
User count: 2,776
Rating: 4
LIS is your assistant in the Steam world, with an automatic sale mode for items.
#15 Steam Context Menu Steam Context Menu
Publisher: Skylark95
User count: 1,529
Rating: 15
Search Steam using the context menu
#16 Steam Cheap Games Steam Cheap Games
User count: 17,440
Rating: 5
Compare prices for PC games across more than 25 keyshops right in Steam.
#17 Steam Market History Cataloger Steam Market History Cataloger
Publisher: Julia
User count: 1,577
Rating: 17
Indexes your Steam Market transactions to be viewable within the extension and exportable to JSON and CSV.
#18 Steam Workshop Tools (Beta) Steam Workshop Tools (Beta)
User count: 1,789
Rating: 6
Automatically add items to a selected collection (more coming soon!) - Currently in beta
#19 Steamlevels Steam Enhancer Steamlevels Steam Enhancer
User count: 1,156
Rating: 10
Autocraft Steam Badges & Steam Gems!
#20 Activate Steam Key from Context Menu Activate Steam Key from Context Menu
Publisher: Nirantali
User count: 1,169
Rating: 9
Use the right-click menu to activate selected steam key
#21 Steam Plus Steam Plus
User count: 1,005
Rating: 6
Steam Plus
#22 Show Geforce Now on Steam Show Geforce Now on Steam
Publisher: mefa
User count: 888
Rating: 9
Shows if you can play games in Geforce Now while you are in steam website
#23 Open in Steam Open in Steam
Publisher: josephldailey
User count: 2,226
Rating: 29
This Extension opens links to steam in Steam instead of in Browser
#24 Open in Steam Open in Steam
Publisher: PurplProto
User count: 716
Rating: 4
This extension allows the user to open a Steam website page directly in the Steam client.
#25 Show Great on Deck on Steam Show Great on Deck on Steam
Publisher: cptpiepmatz
User count: 1,232
Rating: 5
See what Games are verified for the Steam Deck and which Medal they have on ProtonDB in the Steam Store.
288 results. Page 1 of 12.