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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Custom Progress Bar for YouTube™ Custom Progress Bar for YouTube™
User count: 213,947
Rating: 813
Change Youtube™ progress bar to custom from fun collection. Make your Youtube™ player awesome!
#2 Nyan Cat Progress Bar for YouTube™ Nyan Cat Progress Bar for YouTube™
Publisher: Daniel
User count: 199,714
Rating: 1,028
Nyan Cat Progress Bar for YouTube™! Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan!
#3 List Progress Bar for Trello List Progress Bar for Trello
User count: 5,564
Rating: 36
Shows various insights about trello board , at individual card list level as well as board level
#4 Website read progress Website read progress
Publisher: jalmazdin
User count: 3,752
Rating: 16
Display a read progress bar
#5 Permanent Progress Bar for YouTube Permanent Progress Bar for YouTube
Publisher: emano.waldeck
User count: 3,690
Rating: 42
Always display a tiny progress bar with buffer loading on YouTube's player even in the fullscreen mode
#6 Progress Telerik Test Studio Extension Progress Telerik Test Studio Extension
User count: 4,423
Rating: 1
Progress Telerik Test Studio extension enables recording and executions of web tests within web browser.
#7 Video Downloader by ODM Video Downloader by ODM
User count: 255,819
Rating: 1,101
Powerful video downloader. Pro download manager: save video, download music and images, managing downloads, etc.
#8 Year Progress Year Progress
User count: 351
Rating: 20
Extension that shows the year progress in the new tab + todo app, for chrome, Firefox and Edge. Available in 2 languages.
#9 YouTube progress in tab (favicon) YouTube progress in tab (favicon)
Publisher: Andrei
User count: 678
Rating: 13
Shows the progress of the video as a bar in the tab by changing the favicon. It also shows if the video is playing or is paused
#10 Coursera Progress Coursera Progress
Publisher: herman
User count: 506
Rating: 8
Control Coursera progress.
#11 Hide Youtube Progress Bar Hide Youtube Progress Bar
Publisher: nnthorup
User count: 2,398
Rating: 26
Easily hide Youtube’s progress bar and all other information that shows the total duration of the video
#12 Smart Bookmarks for YouTube: Productivity Up Smart Bookmarks for YouTube: Productivity Up
Publisher: constnode
User count: 3,333
Rating: 37
Adds the ability to add a bookmark to any place on a YouTube video (aka time-tags, notes, private comments).
#13 Letterboxd Lists Progress Letterboxd Lists Progress
Publisher: Lucas Franco
User count: 402
Rating: 5
Know your lists' progress without having to open them.
#14 Custom Color for YouTube's Progress Bar Custom Color for YouTube's Progress Bar
Publisher: Magic Dev
User count: 345
Rating: 11
Change the red color to a custom YouTube progress bar color
#15 Scroll Progress Bar Scroll Progress Bar
User count: 131
Rating: 2
Simple and unobtrusive horizontal progress bar to show how far down a webpage you have scrolled.
#16 Udemy Reset Udemy Reset
Publisher: Rafael Negron
User count: 3,311
Rating: 19
Reset Udemy Curriculum Progress
#17 Progress Dashboard Progress Dashboard
User count: 509
Rating: 22
Stay productive with Progress Bars!
#18 Agile SCRUM for Trello boards Agile SCRUM for Trello boards
User count: 17,524
Rating: 89
Super-charge your Trello boards with Story Points, Projects and Progress bars
#19 Progress for Trello Progress for Trello
User count: 447
Rating: 5
Track the overall completion of your Trello-based project by counting cards, scrum points, and checklists.
#20 Random color for YouTube's progress bar Random color for YouTube's progress bar
Publisher: Axel Juino
User count: 382
Rating: 4
Change red color for a random of the YouTube's progress bar
#21 ThemeForest Upload Progress ThemeForest Upload Progress
Publisher: Made by Supa
User count: 360
Rating: 5
To add a percentage to the file upload progress bar
#22 Scroll Progress Scroll Progress
User count: 99
Rating: 1
Shows the scroll progress of current page.
#23 Good Gantt Good Gantt
User count: 7,399
Rating: 18
Gantt Chart for Trello
#24 Manga Downloader Manga Downloader
Publisher: Nhan Ngo
User count: 4,058
Rating: 20
Downloading images naming in order, from multiple tabs into separate folders
#25 Twitter Media Assist Twitter Media Assist
Publisher: Flkalas
User count: 98,006
Rating: 561
For your better Twitter media experience.
300 results. Page 1 of 12.