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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack
User count: 2,139,275
Rating: 11,152
Email tracker for Gmail & Mail Merge with over 2 million active users. Free and unlimited email tracking.
#2 Unlimited Email Tracker by Unlimited Email Tracker by
User count: 163,999
Rating: 8,023
Email tracker for Gmail. Email opens tracking and link clicks statistics for your email messages.
#3 Email Tracker Email Tracker
User count: 188,039
Rating: 827
Find out if your Emails get Read. Email Tracking for Gmail, Outlook / Hotmail, Google Inbox, G Suite, Office 365, & Yahoo Mail.
#4 Real Price Tracker Real Price Tracker
User count: 26,976
Rating: 3,188
Real Price Tracker chrome extension shows the product's price history graph on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and other shopping sites.
#5 Huntr: Job Search Tracker Huntr: Job Search Tracker
User count: 53,302
Rating: 924
Collect, track and manage your job applications from across the web
#6 Free Email Tracker by Saleshandy Free Email Tracker by Saleshandy
User count: 28,452
Rating: 338
100% free email tracking without any hidden signatures, logos or gimmicks.
#7 Webtime Tracker Webtime Tracker
User count: 67,485
Rating: 398
Discover your browsing habits! Time tracking at its best.
#8 Price Tracker - Auto Buy, Price History Price Tracker - Auto Buy, Price History
User count: 122,946
Rating: 9,342
Price Tracker - Features: Price Graph History, AutoBuy in flash sale, Set Price drop Alerts Ecommerce Sites
#9 Price tracker - Otsledit Price tracker - Otsledit
User count: 17,993
Rating: 327
Price tracker, web page content tracker, monitoring history.
#10 DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials
User count: 6,290,210
Rating: 1,937
Simple and seamless privacy protection for your browser.
#11 Web Activity Time Tracker Web Activity Time Tracker
Publisher: Alex
User count: 22,223
Rating: 119
Track and limit time your activity in the browser every day.
#12 AliPrice Price Tracker AliPrice Price Tracker
Publisher: aliprice2
User count: 71,655
Rating: 138 - Your price tracker for e-commerce websites .
#13 Amazon Price Tracker - Pricepulse Amazon Price Tracker - Pricepulse
User count: 8,940
Rating: 26
Track Amazon prices, get price drop notifications. Buy with the help of Ai. Best Amazon Price tracker and Free Price tracker!
#14 Amazon Price History Tracker - AmzChart Amazon Price History Tracker - AmzChart
User count: 5,078
Rating: 30
AmzChart - Display all historical prices of Amazon products!
#15 Free Email Tracker by cloudHQ Free Email Tracker by cloudHQ
User count: 46,721
Rating: 241
Know when your emails are opened in real-time
#16 Uptoolkit - your personal Upwork assistant Uptoolkit - your personal Upwork assistant
Publisher: Ilya N.
User count: 11,035
Rating: 84
Win more jobs on Upwork with Uptoolkit
#17 Time Tracker by Tempo Time Tracker by Tempo
User count: 10,474
Rating: 76
Track and visualize your progress on Jira issues
#18 Total Adblock - Ad Blocker Total Adblock - Ad Blocker
User count: 925,258
Rating: 753
Instantly block annoying ads, pop-ups & intrusive trackers with Total Adblock.
#19 Malwarebytes Browser Guard Malwarebytes Browser Guard
User count: 9,885,026
Rating: 794
The fastest and safest web browsing experience.
#20 Startup Tracker Startup Tracker
User count: 4,705
Rating: 14
Keep tabs on cool, up-and-coming and competing startups using the world's largest startup information database
#21 Event Tracking Tracker Event Tracking Tracker
Publisher: Pete Milkman
User count: 23,553
Rating: 22
Plugin to track GA Event Tracker event calls that persists across pages
#22 Free Email Tracker - Gmail Free Email Tracker - Gmail
User count: 2,543
Rating: 46
Email tracking extension for Gmail. Email tracking and URL tracking for free without any signature. Unlimited Email tracking.
#23 Email Signature & Email Tracker. MySignature Email Signature & Email Tracker. MySignature
User count: 4,787
Rating: 18
Free email signature generator: customizable templates. Email tracking: opens & clicks. Gmail
#24 Censor Tracker – Proxy for Privacy & Security Censor Tracker – Proxy for Privacy & Security
Publisher: likid.geimfari
User count: 103,095
Rating: 134
A censorship circumvention extension. Stay safe online with our proxy extension.
#25 Privacy Badger Privacy Badger
User count: 1,340,670
Rating: 1,685
Privacy Badger automatically learns to block invisible trackers.
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