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#1 New Tab Studio: widgets in a new tab New Tab Studio: widgets in a new tab
User count: 41,730
Rating: 1,167
New tab widgets: Pretty background, Countdown timer, Todo List, Habit tracker, Notes, Dashboard, Photos, Clock, Deadline, Dark theme
#2 Days Until (Days Countdown) Days Until (Days Countdown)
Publisher: usefulwebtech
User count: 19,970
Rating: 28
Displays the number of days until a specified date right in the toolbar. (Days Countdown)
#3 countDown countDown
Publisher: Alexander
User count: 30,982
Rating: 445
Countdown & countup timer, with simple interface and ability to run multiple timers.
#4 Refresh Page - Auto reload page Refresh Page - Auto reload page
Publisher: Refresh Inc.
User count: 516,520
Rating: 10
Automatically page reload after any number of seconds. Works for all pages. Refresh tab on demand.
#5 Auto Refresh Plus | Page Monitor Auto Refresh Plus | Page Monitor
User count: 658,214
Rating: 5,981
Refresh page automatically with powerful page monitor features
#6 Christmas Countdown | Days Until Christmas Christmas Countdown | Days Until Christmas
User count: 1,400
Rating: 4
A simple Christmas Countdown 2023. Find out how many days until Christmas of the year. Use this Christmas countdown timer for free.
#7 Countdown Killer Countdown Killer
Publisher: olitomas
User count: 2,633
Rating: 30
Automatically kills countdown timers for video and download sites. Currently works for ProjectFreeTV, Gorrillavid,DaClips,MovPod.
#8 Period Countdown Period Countdown
User count: 2,276
Rating: 3
A Chrome extension that accompanies the Period Countdown ( website.
#9 New Tab Countdown New Tab Countdown
Publisher: Sebastian Liu
User count: 1,679
Rating: 27
Countdown time remaining in the day, week, month, year, or a custom date.
#10 Super countdown Super countdown
Publisher: Sopamo
User count: 757
Rating: 14
A supercool countdown app. Don't let your pizza burn!
#11 Countdown Ready Countdown Ready
Publisher: changcelena
User count: 714
Rating: 2
A versatile, easy-to-use countdown timer
#12 Lightweight Alarm Clock, Timer & Countdown Lightweight Alarm Clock, Timer & Countdown
Publisher: Andy Zett
User count: 14,872
Rating: 189
Alarm clock, timer, and countdown with sound and desktop notification.
#13 Countdown Timer for Email Countdown Timer for Email
Publisher: PromoFeatures
User count: 434
Rating: 2
Add a countdown timer to your email, and get the maximum sales conversion.
#14 Tab Countdown Timer Tab Countdown Timer
Publisher: lokico
User count: 5,504
Rating: 10
A Chromium Extension that allows you to set a timer that counts down and then closes the tab.
#15 Bell Countdown Extension Bell Countdown Extension
User count: 4,505
Rating: 14
An extension that displays the time remaining in classes.
#16 Pokemon Countdown Timer Pokemon Countdown Timer
Publisher: Joe Hays
User count: 843
Rating: 28
This is a fan-made extension that allows anyone to quickly check how soon the new Pokemon games will be released!
#17 Countdown to Uni Countdown to Uni
Publisher: NghiaVuiVe
User count: 1,069
Rating: 9
Countdown to national exam
#18 Class Countdown Extension Class Countdown Extension
User count: 436
Rating: 3
The chrome extension for Class Countdown
#19 Countdown Countdown
Publisher: Srikar Gudipati
User count: 576
Rating: 13
Keep track of your most important future events with a countdown on the new tab page!
#20 Mario Kart Countdown Mario Kart Countdown
Publisher: jojohnsondev
User count: 709
Rating: 1
Mario Kart race start sounds
#21 Countdown to Christmas Day Countdown to Christmas Day
User count: 549
Rating: 2
Countdown to Christmas Day. It will works endlessly year after year, forever.
#22 Event Countdown Timer Event Countdown Timer
Publisher: Shradha Mallik
User count: 232
Rating: 1
Event Countdown Timer is a simple reminder app for any important event such as birthdays, anniversaries, or any other event.
#23 Email Countdown Timers Email Countdown Timers
User count: 111
Rating: 2
Create countdown timer for email to increase engagement, conversions and sales
#24 Workweek Countdown Workweek Countdown
User count: 103
Rating: 3
A countdown clock to count the time left until a weekend. Helps you to answer this question quickly, so you can get back to work
#25 Steep and Cheap Countdown Timer Steep and Cheap Countdown Timer
User count: 3,929
Rating: 545
Steep and Cheap sells outdoor gear one screamin'(50-80% off) deal at a time until time runs out. (
300 results. Page 1 of 12.