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Among Us Wallpaper
#1. Among Us Wallpaper (v1.30.24.17)
Among Us Wallpaper change new tab to custom HD Among Us background. Cute custom Among Us game wallpaper background themes for fans.
5 1,054,434
Simple Screen Capture
Simple, free, and unlimited screencast recording.
3 170,004
Scrape products from marketplaces to your multiple stores.
35 52,191
Xpath Finder
#4. Xpath Finder (v1.6.0)
Find Elements According To Xpath In Chrome DevTools.
90 8,998
#5. Clear (v1.2.0.1)
Used by over 50 million people, a free ad blocker for Chrome that blocks ALL annoying ads, malware and tracking.
49 8,226
#6. 星驰天气助手 (v1.0.1)
1 6,552
Turbo Sync
#7. Turbo Sync (v1.291)
Synchronise les flux bancaires avec votre solution.
3 6,434
Video Speed Controller
Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts.
7 6,090
#9. mononoke (v1)
This is a cartoon theme,mononoke!
25 3,597
#10. Umaru-chan (v1)
This is a cartoon theme,Umaru-chan!
11 557
Rules of Survival HD Wallpapers and New Tab Themes for the Best Browsing Experience
4 546
Android Emulator Mac
This extension allow you to instal Android Emulator right on your Mac Os and use it as your real mobile.
0 426
This is a cartoon theme. One Piece Nami Theme!
6 404
Enjoy famous pics of Tom and Jerry HD Wallpapers New Tab.
1 338
Rocker Gesture
#15. Rocker Gesture (v1.0.9)
The rocker gesture like the left-click is mounted while pushing right-clicking.
19 328
This Best Extension & The Biggest BTS Suga (Min Yoongi) Wallpapers&Themes
2 313
The new tabbed extension for your aircraft brings a new look to your Chrome browser.
0 313
#18. HomeloadTV (v2.0.3)
Sends links you would like to download to the HomeloadTV (
3 311
Extract image URLs for Google+(TM) gallery
4 308
Enjoy the best quality with Spider Man PS4 HD Wallpapers Themes.
0 306
Simple RWD Resizer
#21. Simple RWD Resizer (v1.0.2)
Resize Page by dragging to test responsive design
3 301
New Tab with Shadow Fight 2 Wallpapers&Themes made for fans.
3 301
Stray kids wallpaper HD kpop themes,Easy to use And will always be free!
0 293
Add to Feedly™
#24. Add to Feedly™ (v1.0)
Subscribed to RSS Feeds in Feedly
9 290
Mutant Fighting Cup 2
The mutants are back to fight for the title of most powerful beast in Mutant Fighting Cup 2.
0 277