Chrome extension categories stats

# of extensions by category over time

Chrome extension developer may select a primary category for their Chrome extension, but Google Chrome Web Store may automatically tag it under more categories. So, each extension may appear in one or more categories.

The most popular Chrome extension category is Productivity - which has 25.55% of all Chrome extensions. Most of the top extensions belong to the Productivity category. It also boasts having the most extensions with 10M+ users.

Out of 11 categories, only 11 categories have more than 1,000 extensions, and only 5 have more than 10,000 extensions.

Break down by categories
Number of extensions in each category
Productivity 44,678
Fun 18,520
Developer Tools 12,171
Social & Communication 10,496
Accessibility 10,407
Search Tools 5,675
Shopping 5,417
Photos 4,471
News & Weather 2,297
Blogging 1,998
Sports 1,101