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#1 Material DevTools Theme Collection Material DevTools Theme Collection
User count: 15,080
Rating: 56
Material DevTools Theme Collection
#2 Material Icons for GitHub Material Icons for GitHub
Publisher: Claudio Santos
User count: 7,781
Rating: 27
Replace the file/folder icons on the GitHub file browser with icons representing the file's type and which tool it is used by.
#3 Material Freebox OS Material Freebox OS
Publisher: Quentin S.
User count: 3,255
Rating: 58
Redesign de l'interface de Freebox OS
#4 Atom Material Icons Atom Material Icons
User count: 7,438
Rating: 15
Atom Material Icons for Web (GitHub, BitBucket, Gitee, Azure and GitLab)
#5 Material DevTools Theme Material DevTools Theme
Publisher: Jonas Augsburger
User count: 2,936
Rating: 13
A developer tools color theme inspired by the Material Theme UI plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
#6 Simple Material Design Palette Simple Material Design Palette
Publisher: Santhosh Sundar
User count: 3,416
Rating: 36
No-nonsense palette for Google's Material Design Colors
#7 Adblock for Youtube™ Adblock for Youtube™
Publisher: AdRemover
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 270,004
Removes ads from Youtube™.
#8 Material Design New Tab Material Design New Tab
User count: 2,250
Rating: 75
Material Design new tab page
#9 Billfish - Free material management tool Billfish - Free material management tool
Publisher: billfishchina
User count: 27,823
Rating: 24
Quickly and easily manage your design materials-so you have more time to focus on the design itself.
#10 Material Design Theme for Chrome Devtools Material Design Theme for Chrome Devtools
User count: 1,418
Rating: 20
This is a theme inspired by Material Theme for sublime text, that brings the Material Design visual language to your Chrome…
#11 Material Design Assistant Material Design Assistant
Publisher: Liu Liu
User count: 365
Rating: 2
HEX value of Material colors and CSS of Material shadows at your fingertips.
#12 Material Design Palette Material Design Palette
Publisher: Anderson Mamede
User count: 592
Rating: 1
Select a HTML element and change its colors based on this material design colors palette
#13 Color Themes for Facebook™ Color Themes for Facebook™
User count: 2,372
Rating: 28
Change the Color Scheme of Your Facebook.
#14 Surge - Material New Tab Surge - Material New Tab
User count: 892
Rating: 41
Replace your new tab with the weather and a todolist displayed over a popular image from Reddit.
#15 Windesheim ELO Windesheim ELO
Publisher: windesheim-elo
User count: 179
Rating: 11
This app rewrites the source code of the Windesheim ELO to give it a modern look and feel.
#16 Ink for Google™ Ink for Google™
User count: 12,797
Rating: 676
Get your favorite Google sites a new coat of paint. Update their look with Material Design
#17 StubTabs StubTabs
User count: 137
Rating: 2
Each tab is a unique browser.
#18 YouTube™ No Buffer - Stop Auto-playing YouTube™ No Buffer - Stop Auto-playing
Publisher: tlintspr
User count: 9,782
Rating: 164
Prevents YouTube HTML5 and Flash players from auto-buffering (auto-playing) videos
#19 USOS Material USOS Material
Publisher: rapiddev
User count: 40
Rating: 8
Czerp pełną przyjemność podczas korzystania z systemu USOS!
#20 Material table Material table
Publisher: BoxBox
User count: 39
Rating: 12
BoxBox products by 2017
#22 Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder
User count: 1,909,374
Rating: 16,724
Record screencasts - record video from your screen. Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots.
#23 Material Design New Tab Material Design New Tab
Publisher: Russell
User count: 20
Rating: 1
A beautifully simple new tab page built with Facebook's React and Google's Material Design specification.
#24 PRODUCTIVE New Tab - Material Design PRODUCTIVE New Tab - Material Design
User count: 69
Rating: 3
Turn the boring New Tab into a convenient and elegant Tab, which helps to increase your productivity.
#25 Material Codes Material Codes
Publisher: Akshay
User count: 9
Rating: 5
Material color HEX codes
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