Material Incognito Dark Theme Material Incognito Dark Theme

This theme has been deprecated in favour of the official Google Chrome dark theme.

By: Fiddle
Rating: 4.65 (2,350)
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Users: 400,000+
Version: 5.2.0 (Last updated: 2020-03-06)
Size: 10.27K
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Incognito mode currently uses a dark colour scheme to distinguish it from normal mode. This theme imitates that colour scheme and applies it throughout the whole browser.

### Github
This theme is fully open-source under the Apache License. Check out the source code on Github -

### Limitations
Chrome theme devs currently have no ability to colour the omnibox. As a result, the omnibox will always be white.

### Uninstallation
To uninstall this theme, go to Settings, scroll down to the Appearance section, and next to "Themes - Material Incognito Dark Theme", click Reset to Default.