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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Universal Video Downloader Universal Video Downloader
Publisher: athopinnt
User count: 137,517
Rating: 285
Powerful Video Downloader. Downloads most popular media formats like flash, videos, audios.
#2 Free VPN for Chrome - Troywell VPN Free VPN for Chrome - Troywell VPN
User count: 292,467
Rating: 499
Free extension VPN for chrome browser for unblock Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, and other popular services in one click.
#3 Free Video Downloader Free Video Downloader
Publisher: alice.rick
User count: 70,220
Rating: 86
Free Video Downloader - Download any videos/audios from any website.
#4 Toolbox for Google Play Store™ Toolbox for Google Play Store™
User count: 108,936
Rating: 880
Enhances the Google Play Store™ with various features.
#5 ▷ EPSON Adjustment Program ▷ EPSON Adjustment Program
User count: 11,292
Rating: 2
Download ✅ Epson Adjustment Program of Epson Popular Models like ⭐ L380 L360 L3110 L3115 L3116 L3150 L3160 L4160 L4150 more
#6 MasterReco. Downloader for Instagram Live MasterReco. Downloader for Instagram Live
Publisher: williaminrecord
User count: 6,046
Rating: 19
Extension for Recording and Downloading Instagram Lives. Now you can record and save any Live you want and watch it later anytime.
#7 Free Music Downloader Free Music Downloader
User count: 32,138
Rating: 18
Free Music Downloader - Download videos/audios in MP3, MP4, webm, ... and more.
#8 Volume Booster 2022 - It's your sound control Volume Booster 2022 - It's your sound control
User count: 41,172
Rating: 56
Up to 600% volume boost. Like a Volumix but better
#9 The Khan Academy Extension The Khan Academy Extension
User count: 26,968
Rating: 43
A Browser Extension for Khan Academy that adds more features to the site
#10 Utorrent For Chrome Utorrent For Chrome
Publisher: gountoturolim
User count: 39,191
Rating: 6
Send Link to Utorrent For Chrome
#11 MUN Program MUN Program
Publisher: splch
User count: 849
Rating: 7
A centralized MUN Program for running committee.
#12 QR Code Generator QR Code Generator
Publisher: BXN
User count: 137,064
Rating: 25
Meet the QR Code Extension, the easiest and fastest way to generate and share QR codes
#13 IDM- integration addon IDM- integration addon
Publisher: Dev. Group
User count: 486,280
Rating: 27
IDM integration - adds "Download with IDM" context menu item for the file links
#14 Image And Photo Downloader - Online and Free Image And Photo Downloader - Online and Free
Publisher: johnwalley
User count: 22,520
Rating: 23
Free online image and photo saver - URL, background, social Downloader - JPG, PNG, bulk picture grabber
#15 Web Paint Tool - draw online Web Paint Tool - draw online
Publisher: Draw Online
User count: 54,160
Rating: 199
Draw rectangle, circle, lines and others shapes or add text on any web pages, then screen capture the result.
#16 Video Downloader for Chrome Video Downloader for Chrome
Publisher: Loader app
User count: 3,464
Rating: 36
Simplest way to download videos from any website. Video Downloader allows to save video and watch it later.
#17 Troywell VPN Lite - unlimited VPN proxy Troywell VPN Lite - unlimited VPN proxy
User count: 22,532
Rating: 68
Keep yourself safe, get access to blocked sites with the free Troywell VPN Lite extension. Download it now!
#18 Video Saver - Free video downloader Video Saver - Free video downloader
Publisher: jorbibomer
User count: 12,426
Rating: 21
Video Saver is a free video downloader. Can download videos of various formats.
#19 Video Downloader Pro Video Downloader Pro
User count: 223
Rating: 2
Download online video from any websites easily. Lightweight and ultra fast video downloader for Chrome.
#20 Auto Resume Downloads Auto Resume Downloads
Publisher: dwapps
User count: 8,677
Rating: 47
Chrome extension that automatically resumes downloads.
#21 Paint Tool for Web Paint Tool for Web
Publisher: seifikamal66
User count: 2,979
Rating: 4
Draw any shapes, write text, erase directly on the page, take a screenshot of what you have drawn
#22 Color Picker Tool - Geco Color Picker Tool - Geco
Publisher: App Division
User count: 83,807
Rating: 64
Grab colors from web pages, color picker, color history. Compared to Color picker, color pick, eyedropper, colorzilla this better.
#23 EPSON L3110 RESETTER Adjustment Program FREE EPSON L3110 RESETTER Adjustment Program FREE
User count: 11,844
Rating: 1
This place provides the Epson Resetter or Adjustment Program tool for Epson L3110 Printer for Free.
#24 Screen Capture Screen Capture
User count: 88,448
Rating: 115
Screen capture of the entire page or any part. Edit screenshots and save as PDF / JPEG / PNG.
#25 Shopping researcher Shopping researcher
User count: 61,789
Rating: 73
We can who ASIN and JAN on Amazon. We can also transfer it to Ebay. We also support US, JP, IT, FR, UK, DE Amazon.
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