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#1 Chat Overlay for Youtube, Twitch & more Chat Overlay for Youtube, Twitch & more
Publisher: Steve Seguin
User count: 1,420
Rating: 2
Add live chat from Youtube, Twitch, Restream and more to your OBS as a browser overlay. Feature requests accepted!
#2 Cr!Box Cr!Box
User count: 7,922
Rating: 119
An extension that provides an easy way of reconnecting your Fritz!Box.
User count: 4,057
Rating: 2 chrome extension
#5 Spanish Immersion Homepage Spanish Immersion Homepage
User count: 1,651
Rating: 7
Turn your New Tab page Spanish to cultivate a productive web-browsing habit and learn faster.
#6 Steve Harvey Reactions Steve Harvey Reactions
User count: 13
Rating: 0
The next time you react on facebook, Steve Harvey reacts with you!
#7 Readlang Web Reader Readlang Web Reader
User count: 117,868
Rating: 185
Read websites in the language you're learning, translate words you don't know, and we'll create flashcards to help you remember.
#8 Gameday Classic Gameday Classic
User count: 441
Rating: 21
Redirects MLB Gameday to use Classic mode
#9 Anti Phish Anti Phish
User count: 599
Rating: 1
Anti BlockChain-Phish By Amber Group
#10 kilogram pound converter kilogram pound converter
User count: 419
Rating: 2
convert lbs and kg back and forth
#11 Salesforce Colored Favicons Salesforce Colored Favicons
Publisher: Steve Babula
User count: 36,923
Rating: 81
Updates the standard favicon on Salesforce tabs with colored versions to help differentiate between different organizations.
#12 NINF - NoIndex NoFollow Meta Tag Indicator NINF - NoIndex NoFollow Meta Tag Indicator
Publisher: Graphitas
User count: 351
Rating: 1
Graphitas NoIndex NoFollow indicator is a simple icon to show if the page's meta tag has NoIndex, NoFollow, both or none.
#13 Show YouTube Video Upload Date Show YouTube Video Upload Date
Publisher: Soulbot Software
User count: 13,488
Rating: 65
Show video upload dates on the YouTube video page.
#14 No Mouse Wheel Zoom No Mouse Wheel Zoom
User count: 11,114
Rating: 201
Prevents Ctrl + Scroll zoom
#15 pic2pixlr pic2pixlr
Publisher: Steve Reich
User count: 4,550
Rating: 82
Instantly send ANY image to the Pixlr O-Matic, Pixlr Express, or the Pixlr Editor image processing service at
#16 Googlifier Googlifier
Publisher: Steve Wozniak
User count: 4,689
Rating: 52
Add googly eyes to photos on sites you browse! Tweet your best with #googlifier! Created by @stephanwozniak with help from mtschirs.
#17 CSS remove and combine CSS remove and combine
Publisher: Steve McArthur
User count: 7,252
Rating: 115
Removes unused selectors from all stylesheets on a page and combines the result into a single stylesheet that can be downloaded
#18 Domain Switcher Domain Switcher
User count: 2,535
Rating: 28
Simplify web development by easily switching domains between specified URL groups.
#19 smarterPod: Simple and Smart Podcast Player smarterPod: Simple and Smart Podcast Player
Publisher: Steve M. Romain
User count: 4,179
Rating: 28
Listen to podcasts in the background of Chrome! Sync content across computers, manage your feeds, save progress, get new episodes!
#20 Simple Calculator Simple Calculator
Publisher: Steve Green
User count: 4,041
Rating: 6
Simple Calculator helps users to calculate simple calculation with great speed and accessibility
#21 Memorable Information Rememberer Memorable Information Rememberer
Publisher: Steve Lacey
User count: 86
Rating: 3
Autocomplete memorable information forms, such as those often found on UK online banking
#22 Toggl Button for Custom Websites Toggl Button for Custom Websites
Publisher: Steve Farbota
User count: 2,278
Rating: 20
All the convenience of the official "Toggl Button" extension, with the added benefit of custom websites.
#23 See Words: Anywhere See Words: Anywhere
User count: 70
Rating: 1
See Words: Anywhere is a learning tool that is accessible by almost everyone – making it a game-changer for education equality.
#24 IT Warehouse Screen Sharing IT Warehouse Screen Sharing
Publisher: steve.kwee
User count: 67
Rating: 1
This Chrome extension is developed primary for It doesn't do anything except capture content of your screen.
#25 DealTrunk DealTrunk
User count: 1,675
Rating: 82
Like saving money? Value your time? Get the best deals for peanuts! We scour the web to deliver you the best deals online.
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