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#1 Vimeo Record - Screen & Webcam Recorder Vimeo Record - Screen & Webcam Recorder
Publisher: Vimeo
User count: 866,116
Rating: 1,462
Record and share unlimited free video messages from your browser
#2 Video Downloader for Vimeo Video Downloader for Vimeo
User count: 584,987
Rating: 704
Now you can download videos from in a single click | Can also download embedded video
#3 Simple Downloader for Vimeo™ Simple Downloader for Vimeo™
User count: 151,444
Rating: 329
Extension for download video and subtitles from by injecting download buttons directly into the Vimeo™ player.
#4 Download Vimeo Videos, Premium Download Vimeo Videos, Premium
User count: 76,803
Rating: 2,112
Professional, simple downloader of any Vimeo video hosted anywhere on the web.
#5 Downloader for Vimeo Downloader for Vimeo
Publisher: mossqquito
User count: 18,055
Rating: 43
Download video from in a single click. Also you can download embedded vimeo video from any website.
#6 Vimeo™ Downloader Professional Vimeo™ Downloader Professional
Publisher: save.svdex
User count: 15,498
Rating: 44
Vimeo™ Downloader - Any Vimeo™ video on the web can be downloaded.
#7 Picture in Picture Mode - Floating Video Picture in Picture Mode - Floating Video
Publisher: Mark Rives
User count: 119,357
Rating: 84
Continue watching videos in a floating window outside the browser window or on top of any other windows. Picture in Picture mode…
#8 1 Video Downloader 1 Video Downloader
Publisher: 1q Downloads
User count: 595,672
Rating: 7,334
Download video online from any websites fast and easily. 1 free Video Downloader allows to save video and watch it later
#9 Video Downloader Pro Video Downloader Pro
Publisher: John Cam
User count: 1,293,880
Rating: 642
Download your favorite video files at any time. Simply save a video to your PC and watch it later.
#10 Video Downloader Plus Video Downloader Plus
Publisher: VideoLoader
User count: 567,449
Rating: 863
Video Downloader Plus is the best way to download video from Chrome. Free video downloader utility for all video formats.
#11 Video Downloader For Vimeo Video Downloader For Vimeo
User count: 3,806
Rating: 18
Vimeo Video Downloader - Download videos directly from Vimeo in HD quality with one simple click.
#12 Video Downloader Ultimate Video Downloader Ultimate
Publisher: mariat98gary
User count: 403,593
Rating: 327
The best video downloader extension, this video downloader download video in one click.
#13 Vimeo™ Video Downloader Pro Vimeo™ Video Downloader Pro
Publisher: save.highvideo
User count: 3,799
Rating: 3
Vimeo Video Downloader Pro supports download vimeo videos from and embedded sites.
#14 HD Video Downloader HD Video Downloader
Publisher: Sarah Hill
User count: 295,051
Rating: 616
Chrome app to download any video. HD Video Downloader powers up Chrome browser with download utility for the most video formats
#15 Video Downloader Unlimited Video Downloader Unlimited
Publisher: loader-unlim.
User count: 113,860
Rating: 593
Download videos from popular social networks, video hosting or streaming platforms. Quick and easy!
#16 Video Downloader professional Video Downloader professional
User count: 89,553
Rating: 308
Download online videos in various formats from any websites. Video Downloader save video and watch it later.
#17 Video Downloader Plus Video Downloader Plus
Publisher: VDP
User count: 85,862
Rating: 307
Video Downloader Plus is the best way to download videos or music from your favorite sites.
#18 Good Video Downloader Good Video Downloader
Publisher: create4u
User count: 107,068
Rating: 146
Video Downloader that works. Video, audio, avi, mp4, mp3, mov, flash download maintained.
#19 Video Downloader Online Video Downloader Online
Publisher: Online Saver
User count: 72,769
Rating: 90
Download any online videos reproduced on the website to watch them later!
#20 Video Downloader Video Downloader
Publisher: dev team
User count: 195,007
Rating: 1
Allows to save video files from popular website in the same quality as original one
#21 Video Downloader for Facebook Video Downloader for Facebook
Publisher: konimatoan
User count: 34,066
Rating: 56
The best and easiest way to download videos and photos from Facebook.
#22 Video Downloader for Vimeo Video Downloader for Vimeo
User count: 374
Rating: 3
Fastest way to download video from vimeo.
#23 Volume Booster Volume Booster
Publisher: Audio Ext.
User count: 490,274
Rating: 974
Volume Booster helps unleash the power of sound your browser! Increase volume and bass boost of any tab. Volume control
#24 Video Downloader For LinkedIn™ Video Downloader For LinkedIn™
User count: 11,632
Rating: 24
Video Downloader For LinkedIn™ - an LinkedIn video download extension, is an efficient way to help you download LinkedIn video.
#25 Video Downloader Pro Video Downloader Pro
User count: 7,493
Rating: 22
Download any video and music from any website! Fast, easy, free!
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