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#2 VK music downloader VK music downloader
Publisher: Music Download
User count: 402,917
Rating: 223
The extension for music download from
#3 Volume Amplifier Volume Amplifier
Publisher: GabrielFab
User count: 5,835,355
Rating: 44
Amplify sound volume by up to 500%
#4 Music Downloader - VKsaver Music Downloader - VKsaver
User count: 241,385
Rating: 589
Saving music from VK has become easy! Download your favorite tracks by checking their bitrates and sizes.
#5 AudD® Music Recognition AudD® Music Recognition
User count: 40,396
Rating: 148
Recognize any music from any website in your browser
#6 YTM+ for YouTube™ Music YTM+ for YouTube™ Music
Publisher: MitchellK
User count: 28,816
Rating: 94
Upgrade your YouTube Music experience with a mini player, lyrics, themes, and integrations!
#7 Yandex Music Downloader Yandex Music Downloader
Publisher: Daniil
User count: 67,774
Rating: 206
Загружай любимые треки без ограничений, с новым расширением для Yandex Music!
#8 VKmusic - Music Downloader VKmusic - Music Downloader
Publisher: socialsworkup
User count: 25,614
Rating: 37
Save music in one click! Fast download of tracks from VK.
#9 Music Speed Changer Music Speed Changer
User count: 20,296
Rating: 46
Change the speed and pitch of streaming music and videos, independently.
#10 Music Mode for YouTube™ Music Mode for YouTube™
Publisher: Thunderarea
User count: 9,725
Rating: 168
Blocks the video keeping only the audio on YouTube and YouTube Music.
#11 YouTube Music Scrobbler YouTube Music Scrobbler
Publisher: newgiin
User count: 12,745
Rating: 315
Scrobbles songs from YouTube Music or Google Play to
#12 Music mixer DJMusic Music mixer DJMusic
User count: 13,276
Rating: 52
DJMusic music mixer to combine, listen and play with SoundCloud and YouTube music streams
#13 Hotkeys for YouTube Music™ Hotkeys for YouTube Music™
Publisher: PaulHansen
User count: 8,257
Rating: 102
Hotkeys for YouTube Music! Use your keyboard's media keys to play, pause, stop, skip and go back on the YouTube Music™ website.…
#14 Free Music on Google Drive™ Free Music on Google Drive™
User count: 12,985
Rating: 42
Play your music quickly from Google Drive or local computer.
#15 Music Stream Links Music Stream Links
User count: 21,268
Rating: 0
Music Stream Links is a free premium quality extension.
#16 Music Visualizer for YouTube™ Music Music Visualizer for YouTube™ Music
Publisher: Greyson Flippo
User count: 7,917
Rating: 102
Music Visualizer for YouTube Music and YouTube Video. Press ' F2 ' once loaded into a webpage to start visualizing!
#17 MediaSave. Download music free MediaSave. Download music free
User count: 72,877
Rating: 521
You can download music free from every website
#18 Lyrics ( Youtube / Youtube Music ) Lyrics ( Youtube / Youtube Music )
User count: 11,179
Rating: 77
Displays lyrics in a flexible panel at YouTube and many other music sites
#19 Download music from VK Download music from VK
Publisher: VK Downloader
User count: 27,031
Rating: 18
VK Music downloader
#20 Free Music Downloader Free Music Downloader
User count: 32,138
Rating: 18
Free Music Downloader - Download videos/audios in MP3, MP4, webm, ... and more.
#21 Yandex Music/Radio Saver Yandex Music/Radio Saver
Publisher: BestExt
User count: 8,097
Rating: 35
Download music from Yandex.Radio and Yandex.Music
#22 DI.FM - addictive electronic music (Official) DI.FM - addictive electronic music (Official)
User count: 7,715
Rating: 40
Easily access your favorite DI.FM channels while browsing the web. Conveniently available in any tab. Enjoy the music!
#24 OKey Music - скачать музыку одноклассники OKey Music - скачать музыку одноклассники
Publisher: BestExt
User count: 16,807
Rating: 73
OKey Music - скачать музыку клипы одноклассники
#25 Audio editor & music editor AudioStudio Audio editor & music editor AudioStudio
User count: 87,988
Rating: 134
AudioStudio to create and edit audio and music online
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