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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Visualize Value Visualize Value
Publisher: gabolobl
User count: 8,517
Rating: 59
visualize value on every tab
#2 ModHeader - Modify HTTP headers ModHeader - Modify HTTP headers
User count: 649,364
Rating: 613
Modify HTTP request headers, response headers, and redirect URLs
#3 Zoom for Google Chrome Zoom for Google Chrome
User count: 449,353
Rating: 1,707
Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button and mouse scroll wheel for more comfortable reading. That to each percent value.
#4 Modify Header Value (HTTP Headers) Modify Header Value (HTTP Headers)
Publisher: Grephy
User count: 44,458
Rating: 36
Add, modify or remove a header for any request on desired domains.
#5 Trade Value Calculator Trade Value Calculator
User count: 2,843
Rating: 12
Interactive Fantasy Football trade value calculator with values calculated by /u/PeakedInHighSkool
#6 RoPro - Enhance Your Roblox Experience RoPro - Enhance Your Roblox Experience
User count: 1,761,095
Rating: 17,413
The perfect tool for players & traders. RoPro adds dozens of useful features to Roblox.
#7 CSGO Trader - Steam Trading Enhancer CSGO Trader - Steam Trading Enhancer
User count: 128,567
Rating: 91
Extension to help with CS:GO trading, trade-lock countdown, in-browser inspect, doppler phases, prices, float values, etc
#8 Scraper Parsers - Free Web Scraping Scraper Parsers - Free Web Scraping
User count: 18,561
Rating: 61
Scraper extracts data out of HTML web pages and imports it into excel, xls, xlsx, csv, json, xml files.
#9 The Optimiser - TradingView Strategies The Optimiser - TradingView Strategies
Publisher: ChromeExtGuy
User count: 7,378
Rating: 24
Optimise TradingView Strategies An assistant for optimising & backtesting trading strategies in Tradingview
#10 Paint Tool - Marker for Chrome Paint Tool - Marker for Chrome
User count: 318,847
Rating: 3,632
Draw anything (shapes, lines or add text) right on websites in real time and taking a screenshot!
#11 Utime Utime
User count: 15,642
Rating: 83
Converts UNIX timestamps to human-readable dates and vice versa.
#12 Paint Paint
User count: 220,814
Rating: 128
Add text, draw different shapes, lines, arrows to live web pages in real time make a screenshot and share.
#13 Tradingview assistant Tradingview assistant
Publisher: akumidv
User count: 3,274
Rating: 24
An assistant for backtesting trading strategies and showing external signals in Tradingview
#14 Swash Swash
User count: 51,674
Rating: 5,092
Get paid for your data as you browse the web. Gain control and help create a better, more dignified internet.
#15 JDE Data Selection Import Tool JDE Data Selection Import Tool
User count: 24,228
Rating: 36
With this extension you can easily import list of values in data selection instead of having to enter them manually one at a time.
#16 Color Space Color Space
Publisher: NorthernEyes
User count: 4,887
Rating: 53
This is extension let you to easily find color by it name. Also you can input color value in hex, rgb and hsv.
#17 AutoConvert - you select, it converts AutoConvert - you select, it converts
User count: 3,036
Rating: 29
Automatically converts values from other units, currencies and time zones
#18 Auto Form Filler Auto Form Filler
Publisher: Utkarsh Mehrotra
User count: 19,470
Rating: 44
This extension will help delvelopers to fill random values in the form
#19 Paint Online Paint Online
User count: 27,187
Rating: 201
Create fun drawings directly on web pages using the paint tool. Take a screenshot when you want to save your work.
#20 FDVT: Social Network Data Valuation Tool FDVT: Social Network Data Valuation Tool
User count: 1,516
Rating: 19
Tool for analyzing Ads on Facebook™ Social Network: The plugin shows how many ads are shown and their value based on your profile
#21 Copy paste value Copy paste value
Publisher: kyo.ago
User count: 94
Rating: 0
Copy and paste to the value property of the target element
#22 Bitcoin Auto-Converter Bitcoin Auto-Converter
User count: 1,176
Rating: 31
Finds the BTC values on any website and displays the live conversion to your currency.
#23 Poker Now Pot Odds Calculator Poker Now Pot Odds Calculator
Publisher: Peter MacRobert
User count: 1,552
Rating: 0
This extension adds a pot odds widget to the Poker Now website.
#24 tickertape MMI tickertape MMI
User count: 833
Rating: 8
tickertape Market Mood Index
#25 Hex Color Picker Hex Color Picker
User count: 38,657
Rating: 17
Allows you to pick colors from any web pages, color picker to get pixel code, rgb,...
300 results. Page 1 of 12.