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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 DevTools Author DevTools Author
Publisher: Mike King
User count: 8,025
Rating: 115
A selection of author settings for Chrome Developer Tools.
#2 SERP Analyzer - Show domain owner & IP SERP Analyzer - Show domain owner & IP
User count: 829
Rating: 24
Show IP Info & Country flag & domain owner. Adds a counter and domain owner next to search results to show it's ranking and name.
#3 TeachingBooks Book Connections TeachingBooks Book Connections
User count: 510,451
Rating: 3
Enrich your searches with insights from children's and young adult books, powered by the expertise and resources from TeachingBooks
#4 Author Marketing Club Author Marketing Club
User count: 561
Rating: 1
Helping Authors Sell More Books With Premium Author Marketing Club Services.
#5 Medium Any Author Stats Medium Any Author Stats
User count: 186
Rating: 0
The statistics of any Medium author. Enter Medium author's page and click a button to see their detailed statistics!
#6 YCS - YouTube Comment Search YCS - YouTube Comment Search
Publisher: YCS
User count: 39,588
Rating: 172
Search comments, replies, chat replay, video transcript for the current video on YouTube by contents, authors, time.
#7 Sitecore Author Toolbox Sitecore Author Toolbox
User count: 1,194
Rating: 21
A set of handy tools for Sitecore Authors: Live URL, Grouped errors, Flags, Dark mode, Notifications, Media drag & drop...
#8 Button Counter G Button Counter G
Publisher: akovalyov
User count: 2,570
Rating: 7
Increments number based on the button click
#9 Goodreads Review Shield for Authors Goodreads Review Shield for Authors
Publisher: kopptech
User count: 149
Rating: 1
Goodreads for Authors to protect their mental health that hides ratings and low reviews.
#10 Scholarometer Scholarometer
User count: 1,384
Rating: 2
Browser Extension for Academic Impact Analysis
#11 Nobias Nobias
User count: 1,073
Rating: 29
Get valuable insights on the news you read online.
#12 FanFiction Organizer FanFiction Organizer
Publisher: Stefan Hayden
User count: 1,207
Rating: 51
Mark stories as like or dislike to color code and organize on and
#13 Spigot Author Stats Spigot Author Stats
Publisher: Benz56
User count: 115
Rating: 4
Displays information about Spigot authors resource statistics on their resource- and profile page.
#14 ReaderScout ReaderScout
Publisher: ReaderScout
User count: 2,064
Rating: 20
Get notifications on price changes and new reviews for Amazon books
#15 KDSPY – Keyword Research for Authors KDSPY – Keyword Research for Authors
User count: 39,547
Rating: 23
KDSPY is a time-saving book research companion that every author – fiction or non-fiction – should have in their toolbox.
#16 arxive arxive
Publisher: olleh401
User count: 1,005
Rating: 4
arxive is all you need; download papers with your settings.
#17 Unpaywall Unpaywall
User count: 633,990
Rating: 199
Legally get full text of scholarly articles as you browse.
#18 Author Avoidance Author Avoidance
Publisher: PF-Tech, LLC
User count: 18
Rating: 2
Adds an overlay over the 'Buy' button on Amazon to remind you of authors you don't wish to support.
#19 Offline WebPage Editor Offline WebPage Editor
Publisher: Ankit Gubrani
User count: 736
Rating: 5
Offline WebPage Editor allows AEM authors or it's users to temporarily try content changes directly on Published pages.
#20 Research Notes Research Notes
User count: 2,222
Rating: 15
Bookmark, tag or add notes to pages, highlight and save quotes or images, save selected Google searches, filter out search results.
#21 Reader Mode Premium Reader Mode Premium
User count: 1,251
Rating: 8
A feature-packed distraction-free web reader with dyslexia support and research tools
#22 AEM Quick Links AEM Quick Links
User count: 941
Rating: 11
Tool created for Content Authors, Developers, and CMS Admins for the Adobe Experience Manager platform.
#23 KDROI – Book Marketing Tools for Authors KDROI – Book Marketing Tools for Authors
User count: 4,897
Rating: 1
KDROI is a time-saving book marketing companion that every author – fiction or non-fiction – should have in their toolbox
#24 BookEdge BookEdge
Publisher: BookEdge
User count: 914
Rating: 6
BookEdge the Missing Amazon Author Tool
#25 Black Menu for Wikipedia Black Menu for Wikipedia
User count: 6,032
Rating: 81
Easy access to the Wikipedia universe
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