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#1 Chrome Litchi Virtual Mission Chrome Litchi Virtual Mission
Publisher: bazuchan
User count: 8,702
Rating: 17
Adds ability to export mission from mission hub as google earth virtual tour
#2 My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission
Publisher: nickgoh
User count: 900
Rating: 1
My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD MHA World Heroes Mission background. Theme for MHA fans.
#3 Real Flight Simulator Game Real Flight Simulator Game
User count: 9,272
Rating: 3
In this realistic airplane simulator game, you have to land on the specified areas without accident.
#4 Mission Control - Bookmarks & Tasks Mission Control - Bookmarks & Tasks
Publisher: Surjith S M
User count: 68
Rating: 1
Turn your New Tab into a Mission Control. Focus on your important tasks and organize your bookmarks.
#5 Space Wars Mission Space Wars Mission
Publisher: BestDev
User count: 153
Rating: 9
Space Wars Mission gives you the game directly in your chrome, no special setup required. just install the extension and enjoy!
Publisher: Monte Werle
User count: 43
Rating: 0
The white blood cell sets out to conquer the Coronavirus! Once you beat this game, you are left feeling like a hero.
#7 Pylote Pylote
User count: 1,243
Rating: 17
Trouve des missions en te référençant sur (presque) toutes les plateformes depuis une interface unique.
#8 Pardus Missions To Rank Pardus Missions To Rank
Publisher: Miche
User count: 136
Rating: 3
Shows the number of missions completed and number remaining until the next mission in the Stats Overview page
#9 Slice - You browse. We pay. Slice - You browse. We pay.
User count: 18,831
Rating: 391
Take back what belongs to you - monetize your browser, get paid for ads, cash in with Slice.
#10 Wonderpop Wonderpop
Publisher: wonderpopus
User count: 16
Rating: 0
Discover value-driven alternatives to Amazon products
#11 Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture Tool Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture Tool
Publisher: berrycast
User count: 5,427
Rating: 25
Quickly record your screen & webcam with one click, then share that content instantly as a link, or request video from someone else.
#12 Defenders Mission Game Defenders Mission Game
User count: 3
Rating: 0
Are you a fan of shooting games? If your response is yes, you will enjoy the Defenders Mission which has great graphics.
#13 Double Dragon Chrome Double Dragon Chrome
User count: 202
Rating: 1
A fighting Arcade Game
#14 Real Car Parking 3D Game Real Car Parking 3D Game
User count: 3,887
Rating: 0
You have to park your car at the designated places in the parking lot before your time runs out.
#15 CircleLoop CircleLoop
Publisher: CircleLoop
User count: 2,014
Rating: 2
#16 Chrome Tab Limiter Chrome Tab Limiter
Publisher: Mission Labs
User count: 2,201
Rating: 0
Mission Labs tab limiter - limits the maximum number of open tabs to 5.
#17 NumÉcoDiag NumÉcoDiag
User count: 46
Rating: 0
Cette extension web facilite l'auto-diagnostic de l’écoconception d’un service numérique.
#18 PrivacyWall PrivacyWall
User count: 732
Rating: 10
The search engine that protects your privacy.
#19 Stick Hero Game for Chrome™ Stick Hero Game for Chrome™
User count: 437
Rating: 3
Enjoy this game, play Stick Hero right on your Chrome, without internet. Have fun!
#20 Ethicly Ethicly
User count: 278
Rating: 7
Identify companies to boycott while you shop.
#21 | Top Coupons & Reviews | Top Coupons & Reviews
User count: 169
Rating: 4
Top Coupon Codes, Promo Codes & Discounts - Updated Daily at 100% Working Code & All Verified by users
#22 Jelly: Surf the Web & Earn Crypto Jelly: Surf the Web & Earn Crypto
Publisher: chaincliQ
User count: 86
Rating: 12
Browse the web and earn rewards. Jelly shows you personalized ads and gives you rewards for watching them.
#23 Singapore housekeeping and cleaning service Singapore housekeeping and cleaning service
Publisher: ButlerInSuits
User count: 13
Rating: 1
ButlerInSuits - Singapore daily housekeeping and home cleaning service
#24 Fallout Wallpaper New Tab Theme [Install Now] Fallout Wallpaper New Tab Theme [Install Now]
User count: 115
Rating: 1
Change the layout Of Chrome Apps using Fallout Wallpaper New Tab Theme [Install Now] Images Change in every click
#25 Chrome Board Chrome Board
Publisher: Edu Mission
User count: 101
Rating: 0
Simple Behavior Management for Classrooms
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