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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Category Tabs for Google Keep™ Category Tabs for Google Keep™
User count: 103,288
Rating: 369
Better organize your Google Keep notes
#2 Category Tabs for Google Keep™ Category Tabs for Google Keep™
Publisher: Cool Apps
User count: 3,309
Rating: 44
Customize Tabs for Google Keep™
#3 Block Site - Stay Focused Block Site - Stay Focused
Publisher: rekilamneropysa
User count: 137,369
Rating: 1,015
Protect your time at work by blocking waste websites. Stay focused on what matters most.
#4 GMB Everywhere - GBP Audit for Local SEO GMB Everywhere - GBP Audit for Local SEO
User count: 51,967
Rating: 40
View GMB categories, GMB Audits, Review audit, and Post audit. Spy, audit, and crush your GMB competitor with this Local SEO tool.
#5 FindFlix: Netflix Secret Category Finder FindFlix: Netflix Secret Category Finder
Publisher: Josh Barker
User count: 13,725
Rating: 32
Quickly and Easily search for movies and TV series on Netflix using FindFlix to see Netflix's hidden categories.
#6 Schoology Plus Schoology Plus
User count: 145,328
Rating: 89
Schoology Plus enhances your Schoology experience with numerous interface improvements
#7 Custom Search Engine Custom Search Engine
Publisher: Ravi
User count: 7,239
Rating: 8
To use, type 'ms' plus keyword for custom search engines & search term into the url bar. (e.g. ms google <search text>).
#8 MyStart Wallpapers New Tab Page MyStart Wallpapers New Tab Page
User count: 4,741
Rating: 2
MyStart is a fresh and highly convenient New Tab page to start your journey on the web. Enjoy beautiful images of nature and more.
#9 All Netflix Categories All Netflix Categories
User count: 23,956
Rating: 40
Access 27000 Hidden Secret Categories on Netflix
#10 AIO Search AIO Search
User count: 8,297
Rating: 46
All in one meta search engine collecting all search engines on a single page
#11 School Loop Easy Loop School Loop Easy Loop
User count: 6,096
Rating: 101
An extension that enhances the schoolloop interface to allow easy grade calculation
#12 Twitch Category Change Notifier Twitch Category Change Notifier
Publisher: GerlachM
User count: 226
Rating: 7
Know when your favorite streamers are changing categories
#13 Youtube Categories Youtube Categories
User count: 335
Rating: 5
Associate youtube channels with a category on the youtube subscription & homepage.
#14 Fiverrlytics - Your Fiverr Assistant Fiverrlytics - Your Fiverr Assistant
Publisher: Bytelinx
User count: 7,446
Rating: 8
Fiverrlytics helps you to get insights of any keyword. This tool provide insights for up to 5 pages on fiverr.
#15 GMBspy GMBspy
Publisher: George Nenni
User count: 18,609
Rating: 32
Allows viewing of Google Business Profile, Google My Business "Categories" for single listings or top 20 Google search results.
#16 School Loop HoraceScope School Loop HoraceScope
User count: 1,189
Rating: 20
Allows you to add, edit, and delete grades. Also includes a convenient Finals Calculator. School Loop HoraceScope (excuse the pun)…
#17 Amazon Discount Finder Amazon Discount Finder
User count: 5,701
Rating: 25
Find hidden discounts on Amazon. Amazon Discount Finder helps you to find best deals upto 90% discount.
#18 ZonGuru ZonGuru
Publisher: ZonGuru
User count: 8,811
Rating: 28
The Best All-in-One Toolset to Enlighten and Elevate your Amazon Business!
#19 Slack Channel Category Slack Channel Category
Publisher: yamy1114p
User count: 58
Rating: 2
enable to categorize your slack channels
#21 WikiTree+ WikiTree+
User count: 790
Rating: 2
Edit addon for website.
#22 Easy-Watch for YouTube Easy-Watch for YouTube
User count: 652
Rating: 3
To provide three modes of a quick pop-up, multi-screen and cloud-save for watching YouTube videos easily and conveniently
#23 Converter365 - Free online converter Converter365 - Free online converter
User count: 30,797
Rating: 14
Converter365 is a free and universal tool with more than 1000 different conversions for you to choose from.
#24 Channel groups and rating for YouTube™ subs Channel groups and rating for YouTube™ subs
User count: 604
Rating: 9
Hides, filters, rates, exports, and groups YouTube subscriptions, channels, videos, and comments. Synchronized with Google Drive.
#25 Woocommerce Spy Woocommerce Spy
User count: 70,167
Rating: 8
Product scraper for Woocommerce - Extract products to Excel and CSV
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