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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot. Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot.
User count: 12,253
Rating: 91
Social Media Bot auto clicker growbot for Twitter,TikTok & 8 more sites. Automatic likes,comment likes,follows,retweets & reposts.
#2 Semrush Social Media Poster Semrush Social Media Poster
User count: 15,709
Rating: 13
Share content on social media with just one click while you browse the web
#3 Social Media Quick Links Social Media Quick Links
User count: 14,824
Rating: 307
Quick links to your favorite social media website.
#4 Blog2Social: Social Media Poster Extension Blog2Social: Social Media Poster Extension
User count: 5,681
Rating: 2
Curate & Collect: Share content on your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn profiles or save & collect the links in your Blog2Social WebApp
#5 Social Media Share Social Media Share
Publisher: Sahil Dua
User count: 2,150
Rating: 15
Share any website on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus with just one click
#6 Social Media CRM | Toolkit for Facebook Social Media CRM | Toolkit for Facebook
User count: 1,650
Rating: 7
Social Nodes (by is an Extension that helps you to automate and manage your Organic Marketing efforts
#7 Buffer Buffer
User count: 255,493
Rating: 3,063
Buffer is the best way to share great content to Social Networks from anywhere on the web.
#8 Multi Social Media Messenger Multi Social Media Messenger
Publisher: T-Social
User count: 334
Rating: 65
Multi Social Media Messenger allows you to read and communicate in all most popular messengers in one place.
#9 Social media blocker Social media blocker
Publisher: Jagdish Patil
User count: 492
Rating: 13
Social media blocker is an extension which will not allow you to use social media websites while working with warning.
#10 Link Research SEO Toolbar Link Research SEO Toolbar
User count: 16,482
Rating: 151
Enjoy looking at the most advanced SEO metrics while you search the Web.
#11 Reply: Email Finder and Outreach Reply: Email Finder and Outreach
User count: 14,202
Rating: 28
Reply’s Free Email Finder and Outreach searches for emails on professional social media, automates the outreach process.
#12 Pop up blocker for Chrome™ - Poper Blocker Pop up blocker for Chrome™ - Poper Blocker
User count: 2,733,750
Rating: 80,784
Block pop-ups, cookie messages, in-site notifications, social media ads & more. A distraction-free browsing experience starts today.
#13 Essential SEO Toolkit (SEO Analysis Tool) Essential SEO Toolkit (SEO Analysis Tool)
User count: 22,774
Rating: 28
The Essential SEO Toolkit is a collection of useful SEO tools, which when clicked opens the tool using the current URL.
#14 SocialAnalyzer - Social Sentiment & Analysis SocialAnalyzer - Social Sentiment & Analysis
Publisher: Social Analyzer
User count: 2,553
Rating: 20
Social Analyzer is a free tool of social media monitoring and analysis.
#15 Social Media Censorship Research Tool Social Media Censorship Research Tool
User count: 354
Rating: 3
This project uses a browser plug-in to alert users to any Facebook posts of theirs that may have been censored.
#16 AdStop - Social Media Adblocker AdStop - Social Media Adblocker
User count: 1,226
Rating: 11
Remove all 'Sponsored' and 'Suggested For You' ads in your Facebook™ news feed.
#17 Inksprout - AI Social Media Writer Inksprout - AI Social Media Writer
User count: 1,160
Rating: 5
Social media link sharing made easy
#18 ContentStudio - Social Media Scheduler ContentStudio - Social Media Scheduler
User count: 2,664
Rating: 30
ContentStudio is a content marketing and social media management platform to grow your social presence and boost content marketing.
#19 Penny+ Penny+
User count: 7,062
Rating: 12
Get ready to fall in love with Penny+, a browser extension that helps you prospect on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
#20 Social Media Death Clock Social Media Death Clock
Publisher: amorriscode
User count: 227
Rating: 6
Remind yourself of your mortality while you waste away on social media
#21 Social Media / Web Time Tracker Social Media / Web Time Tracker
User count: 238
Rating: 1
Tells you how much time you're spending/wasting on social media and other websites.
#22 News Feed Eradicator News Feed Eradicator
Publisher: Jordan West
User count: 224,511
Rating: 1,702
Eradicate social media noise by replacing your entire news feed with an inspiring quote
#23 zShare zShare
User count: 8,703
Rating: 13
zShare - The easiest way to share content on social media.
#24 Social Media Manager Social Media Manager
Publisher: IDShield
User count: 739
Rating: 3
Protect your reputation with our tool that checks your social media and makes it easy to delete old posts and photos.
#25 Saner Social Media Feed Blocker & Eradicator Saner Social Media Feed Blocker & Eradicator
User count: 129
Rating: 10
Block social media distractions and replace them with uplifting quotes to improve your mental well-being.
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