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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Open in VLC™ media player Open in VLC™ media player
User count: 312,100
Rating: 827
Send audio and video streams directly to the well-known VLC™ media player
#2 Twitter Media Assist Twitter Media Assist
Publisher: Flkalas
User count: 98,006
Rating: 561
For your better Twitter media experience.
#3 Twitter Media Downloader Twitter Media Downloader
User count: 194,171
Rating: 758
Download images/videos of user's media-timeline on Twitter.
#4 Bulk Media Downloader Bulk Media Downloader
Publisher: InBasic
User count: 64,208
Rating: 127
Grab and download media (image and video) sources by monitoring network (like FlashGot)
#5 SEMrush Social Media Poster SEMrush Social Media Poster
User count: 16,457
Rating: 13
Share content on social media with just one click while you browse the web
#6 Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot. Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot.
User count: 11,024
Rating: 96
Social Media Bot auto clicker growbot for Twitter,TikTok,SoundCloud,LinkedIn,Gettr,Weibo,Truth. Automatic bot likes,follows,reposts.
#7 Open in VLC Media Player™ Open in VLC Media Player™
User count: 8,842
Rating: 188
Easily open desired links in the VLC (VideoLAN) media player!
#8 Free video downloader - media search tool Free video downloader - media search tool
Publisher: WebDev
User count: 13,339
Rating: 20
Video Downloader that works. Videos, audios, flash downloading maintained.
#9 Media Hint Media Hint
User count: 43,303
Rating: 1,361
Use the Media Hint service to access the content you need on the internet.
#10 Kodi online XBMC Media Center Kodi online XBMC Media Center
User count: 8,642
Rating: 25
Run Kodi Online to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts and audio playlists
#11 Send to VLC (VideoLAN) media player Send to VLC (VideoLAN) media player
Publisher: unixeco
User count: 7,625
Rating: 33
Send media stream links from current tab to VLC (VideoLAN) media player
#12 Media Bias/Fact Check Extension Media Bias/Fact Check Extension
Publisher: Mike Crowe
User count: 8,848
Rating: 68
Show Media Bias / Fact Check ratings for Facebook, Twitter and news websites as you browse
#13 Media Converter and Muxer - Audio Tools Media Converter and Muxer - Audio Tools
User count: 4,293
Rating: 31
Easy to use video and audio converter and muxer based on FFmpeg multimedia command-line tool.
#14 Blog2Social: Social Media Poster Extension Blog2Social: Social Media Poster Extension
User count: 5,457
Rating: 2
Curate & Collect: Share content on your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn profiles or save & collect the links in your Blog2Social WebApp
#15 Social Media Quick Links Social Media Quick Links
User count: 15,177
Rating: 307
Quick links to your favorite social media website.
#16 Media Easy Download Media Easy Download
Publisher: Lula Team
User count: 2,893
Rating: 7
Download all HQ photo and videos from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
#17 Grasp | Media buying done right Grasp | Media buying done right
User count: 1,936
Rating: 14
Natively integrated with major ad buying interface, Grasp minimizes media buying errors.
#18 Nota media en la UPM Nota media en la UPM
User count: 3,999
Rating: 21
Calcula tu nota media y créditos en un solo click! (No se consideran las asignaturas suspensas) Creado por Luis Cavanillas.
#19 Social Media Share Social Media Share
Publisher: Sahil Dua
User count: 2,047
Rating: 15
Share any website on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus with just one click
#20 Cloudinary Media Inspector Cloudinary Media Inspector
Publisher: Cloudinary Ltd.
User count: 1,583
Rating: 9
Quickly inspect page media elements to gain detailed, actionable information for performance tuning.
#21 Key Socket Media Keys Key Socket Media Keys
Publisher: keysocket-owners
User count: 7,962
Rating: 369
Control your favorite web-based music player with your keyboard's media keys
#22 Media Grabber Media Grabber
Publisher: camerongu3
User count: 5,474
Rating: 15
Get the media URL of a page's most recently played audio/video (and then do something with it).
#23 Media Controller Media Controller
User count: 1,345
Rating: 21
An extension that gives you precise control of Chrome's native media player.
#24 Social Media CRM | Toolkit for Facebook Social Media CRM | Toolkit for Facebook
User count: 1,862
Rating: 5
Social Nodes (by is an Extension that helps you to automate and manage your Organic Marketing efforts
#25 HTML5 Media Rate Controller HTML5 Media Rate Controller
Publisher: Digital Edict
User count: 1,293
Rating: 12
HTML5 Media Rate Controller allows changing video and audio playback rate or time giving you control over media in your browser.
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