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#1 Pleasant Password Server Auto-Filler Pleasant Password Server Auto-Filler
User count: 2,820
Rating: 3
Access & fill site passwords with Pleasant Password Server
#2 Video Downloader by ODM Video Downloader by ODM
User count: 255,819
Rating: 1,101
Powerful video downloader. Pro download manager: save video, download music and images, managing downloads, etc.
#3 Service Desk Pleasant Lawyer Service Desk Pleasant Lawyer
User count: 32
Rating: 3
Quickly go to a Service Desk record by number or two-word phrase from the omnibox
#4 Content Site Search Guru Content Site Search Guru
User count: 62,925
Rating: 49
Provides an easy and pleasant search of content on the content sites directly from your browser's address bar.
#5 Video Downloader Plus Video Downloader Plus
Publisher: maksimvaciliy
User count: 6,312
Rating: 2
Download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion and etc
#6 Night mode for Aliexpress Night mode for Aliexpress
Publisher: ali
User count: 3,912
Rating: 13
Night mode for Aliexpress protects your eyes, making the colors on the site Ali en more pleasant for night shopping
#7 readReddit, Readable text posts on reddit readReddit, Readable text posts on reddit
User count: 503
Rating: 6
Takes any text post and reformats it to a pleasant to read format.
#8 Tyrone Unblocked Games Tab Tyrone Unblocked Games Tab
User count: 448
Rating: 0
You can access many of your favorite tyrone unblocked games through our new tab application for chrome browser.
#9 Slickiss Slickiss
Publisher: SraqZit
User count: 254
Rating: 19
Hides ads and Captcha in Kissanime and offers many other functionalities like notifications for Anime, quick download, and more
#10 DominionWorld Game Tracker DominionWorld Game Tracker
User count: 18
Rating: 1
A chromium extension to track you games and upload the results to a leaderboard.
#11 HN Beautify HN Beautify
Publisher: guilherme.lam
User count: 157
Rating: 6
This extension makes HN more readable and pleasant.
#12 Video Speed Controls Video Speed Controls
Publisher: peterenkaboriss
User count: 5,338
Rating: 1
Speed controller for all video players. Simply speed up, slow down ...
#13 Lemonade Lemonade
Publisher: Pleasant Tech
User count: 59
Rating: 7
This chrome extension displays a Youtube video dislike count
#14 Screen Editor Screen Editor
Publisher: oksanamiron930
User count: 556
Rating: 0
The fastest and most convenient way to take a screenshot and edit it
#15 FrankerFaceZ FrankerFaceZ
User count: 1,366,743
Rating: 626
Use a variety of unique faces on Twitch!
#16 Forest: stay focused, be present Forest: stay focused, be present
User count: 948,415
Rating: 1,142
Stay focused in a pleasant way.
#17 Dark Theme & Night Shift Mode Dark Theme & Night Shift Mode
Publisher: Dark Mode App
User count: 115,705
Rating: 394
Take care of your eyes day and night using dark mode or change screen brightness to special eye-protective color.
#18 Dark Mode for Chrome Dark Mode for Chrome
User count: 139,852
Rating: 844
Dark Theme - a classic Dark mode for Web. Switch any website to dark reader and back in one click.
#19 Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game
User count: 112,989
Rating: 3,101
A fun idle clicker game about a simple guy willing to become a Custom Cursor hero Cursor-Man and his entertaining adventures.
#20 Image Downloader - Bulk download images Image Downloader - Bulk download images
Publisher: Image Downloader
User count: 123,606
Rating: 16
Browse and download images on the web. Save fav image or select all at once to bulk download.
#21 Image Downloader + Image Downloader +
Publisher: miwasazzavikko
User count: 239,405
Rating: 1
Need to download images? Filter and download everything you need from the page.
#22 Image Downloader - save photos and pictures Image Downloader - save photos and pictures
Publisher: Image Loader
User count: 38,622
Rating: 259
Find, choose and download images you need from any web pages.
#23 Dark Mode Dark Mode
Publisher: jorbibomer
User count: 62,596
Rating: 103
Dark Mode can set all sites in your browser to dark mode or pleasant darkening modes
173 results. Page 1 of 7.