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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Hashtag Analytics by FILT Pod Hashtag Analytics by FILT Pod
User count: 5,538
Rating: 10
Seize hashtags with high follower growth and engagement. Get prospects finding your business with your professional content now.
#2 INSSIST | Web Client for Instagram INSSIST | Web Client for Instagram
User count: 623,347
Rating: 4,458
Post photos, videos, stories, reels to Instagram from Web. Schedule posts, send DMs, manage hashtags.
#3 RiteTag RiteTag
User count: 38,486
Rating: 67
Get hashtag suggestions for images and texts on any site (great for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).
#4 Hashtag Domain Viewer Hashtag Domain Viewer
User count: 189
Rating: 31
The JustTagIt Chrome Extension lets you see the meaning behind hashtags on all websites.
#5 Curate: Hashtag Tool Curate: Hashtag Tool
User count: 321
Rating: 1
Find niche hashtags to use for your content as you browse using personalized analytics based on your posts
#6 Hashtag ToolTips Hashtag ToolTips
Publisher: Chaitanya Arora
User count: 294
Rating: 3
Analytical Tool that reflects the count of followers of Hashtags to enhance your posts for better reach.
#7 BrandMaxima Instagram Hashtag Analytics BrandMaxima Instagram Hashtag Analytics
User count: 528
Rating: 0
BrandMaxima is a leading Social Media Intelligence and Analytics platform built for Social Marketing Professionals, Agencies and…
#8 LinkedRadar - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool LinkedRadar - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool
User count: 5,908
Rating: 100
Generate LinkedIn qualified leads with automation, save 75% of your time by LinkedRadar.
#9 HashTag Router HashTag Router
User count: 84
Rating: 4
Save time by navigating to websites with hashtags. Type #, followed by Space or Tab in address bar, or use icon and search box.
#10 Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot. Social Media Bot. Auto Clicker Growbot.
User count: 10,987
Rating: 96
Social Media Bot auto clicker growbot for Twitter,TikTok,SoundCloud,LinkedIn,Gettr,Weibo,Truth. Automatic bot likes,follows,reposts.
#11 TiktTok Hashtags Tool TiktTok Hashtags Tool
User count: 113
Rating: 1
Tiktok Hashtags Tool helps your posts get more traffic !
#12 IG Scraper & Email Finder | LeadStal IG Scraper & Email Finder | LeadStal
User count: 1,436
Rating: 40
#1 Instagram Scraper & Instagram Email Finder by
#13 LeadRadar - LinkedIn Scraper & Connect Finder LeadRadar - LinkedIn Scraper & Connect Finder
Publisher: campbel3837
User count: 348
Rating: 14
LinkedIn lead generation tool with auto connect invitation and personalized bulk messages.
#14 Auto Hashtag For TweetDeck Auto Hashtag For TweetDeck
Publisher: morix1500
User count: 42
Rating: 0
Insert the specified hashtag in the Tweet field of TweetDeck.
#15 IGHashtag - Export IG Hashtags IGHashtag - Export IG Hashtags
Publisher: Infwiz
User count: 54
Rating: 1
A smart tool to scrape hashtags from Instagram and export to CSV with one click.
#16 TagPredict TagPredict
User count: 1,205
Rating: 28
Online hashtags predictions and live statistics. Good for all social media site and all non-social media sites,even your own website
#17 IGHastagsExport - Export Instagram Hashtags IGHastagsExport - Export Instagram Hashtags
Publisher: WeBooster Team
User count: 883
Rating: 10
A smart hashtag tool for Instagram, one click to export Instagram post hashtags to csv.
#18 LinkedRadar Notifier For LinkedIn™ LinkedRadar Notifier For LinkedIn™
User count: 216
Rating: 60
Convenient to get the real-time activity from, including Network, Messages and Notifications.
#19 HashTag Block on Facebook HashTag Block on Facebook
Publisher: Lalit Indoria
User count: 29
Rating: 3
Hides posts with #hashtags on Facebook
#20 RiteBoost RiteBoost
User count: 5,339
Rating: 81
Improve the ROI of your posts with one click, right in your favorite scheduling tool.
#21 IGEmail - IG Email Extractor and Scraper IGEmail - IG Email Extractor and Scraper
Publisher: Converts Team
User count: 876
Rating: 5
IGEmail scrape and extract emails from Instagram follower, following, commenter, liker, hashtag and location
#22 Pro for Trello, FREE Trello tweaks Pro for Trello, FREE Trello tweaks
User count: 27,856
Rating: 280
Ultimate FREE tweaks for Trello users! Your Trello boards on steroids!
#23 Reachdog Reachdog
User count: 257
Rating: 7
Reach Dog is a free research tool that saves time with searching for influencers and hashtags.
#24 RiteForge RiteForge
User count: 940
Rating: 7
Schedule remarkable posts with instant hashtags, emojis, GIFs and CTAs
#25 Concert Concert
User count: 65
Rating: 4
Concert. Party with a hashtag!
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