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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

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#1 Shazam: Identify songs from your browser Shazam: Identify songs from your browser
User count: 2,228,013
Rating: 2,098
Find music, lyrics, videos & more
#2 ColorPick Eyedropper ColorPick Eyedropper
Publisher: terrellschatz92
User count: 2,563
Rating: 3
An easy-to-use eyedropper tool that automatically copies the Hex Code of the desired color.
#3 SixLeaf Extension for Amazon: Incl Phoenix SixLeaf Extension for Amazon: Incl Phoenix
Publisher: SixLeaf
User count: 1,046
Rating: 6
Amazon product research featuring Phoenix, competitive intel, accurate sales estimates, analytics, profitability analysis & more.
#4 Chrome Auditing for Education Chrome Auditing for Education
User count: 255,070
Rating: 3
Chrome Auditing for Education allows administrators to easily audit online traffic from the Chrome browser or ChromeOS devices --…
#5 Review Reveal - Identify Fake Amazon Reviews Review Reveal - Identify Fake Amazon Reviews
Publisher: ReviewReveal
User count: 156
Rating: 10
Review Reveal analyzes Amazon product review authenticity to help you spot fakes and make better purchasing decisions.
#6 Gmail Sender Icons Gmail Sender Icons
User count: 24,268
Rating: 126
Quickly identify the sender of email messages in Gmail without opening the message.
#7 Aliexpress ePacket identificator Aliexpress ePacket identificator
User count: 2,442
Rating: 8
Easily identify aliexpress products with ePacket Finder or SF eParcel
#8 Email Sender Icons by cloudHQ Email Sender Icons by cloudHQ
User count: 809
Rating: 9
Identify Companies in Your Inbox.
#9 Salezshark Connect + Salezshark Connect +
User count: 569
Rating: 3
This is an Add On for Salezshark Connect +
#10 WhatFont - What html font WhatFont - What html font
Publisher: fontlucker
User count: 4,848
Rating: 24
WhatFont helps you identify the font on a web page, html font size, color, font family
#11 Testim Editor Testim Editor
User count: 22,108
Rating: 20
The simplest and most advanced testing automation tool, using Adaptive Learning and Computer Vision image validation.
#12 Fast OCR Fast OCR
Publisher: iDooy
User count: 384
Rating: 3
Free! Copy text with OCR from images, videos, PDF scanned and local images of your computer.
#13 Font Identifier by WhatFontIs Font Identifier by WhatFontIs
User count: 15,402
Rating: 30
Identify any Webfont or font (commercial or free) from any website.
#15 Email Tracker For Gmail  - MailerPlex Email Tracker For Gmail - MailerPlex
User count: 2,119
Rating: 10
Free email tracker for Gmail. See email tracking and link click stats in real-time
#16 AsinMice AsinMice
User count: 136
Rating: 19
#17 Add URL To Window Title Add URL To Window Title
Publisher: Eric Goldman
User count: 1,826
Rating: 4
Add full URL or hostname of the current page to the window title. Helps other apps, e.g., KeePass, identify current page.
#18 SendHerePlz - Amazon shipping availability SendHerePlz - Amazon shipping availability
Publisher: Cometa
User count: 3,949
Rating: 24
Quick identification of Amazon products with shipping restrictions
#19 SEO Analysis & Backlink Analysis by 500apps SEO Analysis & Backlink Analysis by 500apps
User count: 1,395
Rating: 4
Effective & Advanced SEO Software that Boosts Overall Website Performance and Increases ranking in search engines
#20 HTTPS Mixed Content Locator HTTPS Mixed Content Locator
User count: 4,156
Rating: 16
Easily locate and identify mixed content on any HTTPS site.
User count: 1,624
Rating: 15
Folding@Home dark mode web client with real time GPU/CPU PPD by WU benchmarking for comparison to other folders.
#23 Parcel Journey Updater Parcel Journey Updater
Publisher: Infinity DS
User count: 779
Rating: 2
Automate the sending of Parcel Journey Updates, from the carrier, to the tracking system.
#24 Find Font Find Font
Publisher: kinokata157
User count: 238,836
Rating: 1
Now you can easily identify any font on the page with just one click.
#25 Jobalytics - Resume Keyword Analyzer Jobalytics - Resume Keyword Analyzer
User count: 118,575
Rating: 64
Analyze job descriptions and identify keywords missing from your resume.
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