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#1 WhatsGreen Multi Messenger for WhatsApp WhatsGreen Multi Messenger for WhatsApp
Publisher: Steve Monaco
User count: 834,215
Rating: 1,997
Easy access to WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, FB Messenger and many more through the Chrome toolbar. Open WhatsApp on desktop with…
#2 Multi Chat - Messenger for WhatsApp Multi Chat - Messenger for WhatsApp
Publisher: Harold Riders
User count: 250,498
Rating: 275
Open WhatsApp and other popular messengers on desktop easily and get access to all your chats from mobile.
#3 Charcoal: Dark Mode for Messenger Charcoal: Dark Mode for Messenger
Publisher: Andrew Millman
User count: 157,467
Rating: 251
Unofficial Messenger dark mode. Easily swap between dark and light mode.
#4 Web Messenger Web Messenger
Publisher: tlintspr
User count: 38,711
Rating: 554
Access to WhatsApp official Web messenger in a standalone sandboxed window
#5 App for Messenger™ App for Messenger™
Publisher: Jorvi
User count: 42,857
Rating: 72
An easy-to-use and lite app for messenger
#6 Messenger Dark Theme Messenger Dark Theme
Publisher: jerry1100
User count: 10,201
Rating: 49
Simple dark theme for Facebook Messenger.
#7 Unseen for Facebook Messenger Unseen for Facebook Messenger
User count: 19,351
Rating: 98
Block Seen feature on Facebook Messages.
#8 Desktop Messenger for Telegram™ Desktop Messenger for Telegram™
Publisher: Grephy
User count: 80,597
Rating: 342
Provides easy access to Telegram, and notifies you of all incoming posts.
#9 Messenger & Notifier for Facebook™ Messenger & Notifier for Facebook™
Publisher: Grephy
User count: 10,140
Rating: 128
Provides an easy access to - - and notifies you of new posts.
#10 Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp™ Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp™
Publisher: Grephy
User count: 93,306
Rating: 283
Provides easy access to WhatsApp and notifies you of all incoming posts.
#11 Whatsapp Messenger Wallpaper Whatsapp Messenger Wallpaper
Publisher: Apcraft
User count: 12,359
Rating: 0
Whatsapp Messenger wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Whatsapp Messenger background.
#12 Genius Messenger CRM Genius Messenger CRM
User count: 4,445
Rating: 41
Genius Messenger CRM provides everything needed to optimize and organize a Sales Pipeline directly in Facebook Messenger.
#13 Custom Messenger Cursor Custom Messenger Cursor
Publisher: natalyacursor
User count: 4,140
Rating: 3
Custom messenger Cursor for chrome browser. Choose your favorite custom messenger cursor with this extension.
#14 Messenger Black: Scheduled Dark Mode Messenger Black: Scheduled Dark Mode
User count: 2,684
Rating: 26
Scheduled Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger, now including Sunset to Sunrise controls.
#15 Meet Plus for Google Meet Meet Plus for Google Meet
User count: 311,126
Rating: 309
Breakout rooms,attendance,dark mode,chat,emojis,reward points,quiz,poll,file sharing,stickies,many more features for Google Meet
#16 Messenger Organizer Messenger Organizer
User count: 2,563
Rating: 11
Organize all of your messages in Facebook Messenger into custom folders, just like email!
#17 Messenger Cleaner Messenger Cleaner
User count: 21,387
Rating: 57
Delete all Facebook messages at once (or) Choose and Delete multiple messages at once
#18 Shoot the Messenger Shoot the Messenger
Publisher: amol
User count: 2,075
Rating: 31
This extension sequentially unsends all messenges in a messenger chain.
#19 Notification Center: Messenger Groups Events Notification Center: Messenger Groups Events
User count: 70,837
Rating: 1,690
Notification Center provides an overview of alerts for Facebook (TM): Notifications, Messenger, Groups and Events
#20 Nightmode Messenger Nightmode Messenger
Publisher: Andrew Tong
User count: 1,280
Rating: 20
A lightweight Nightmode theme for Facebook Messenger
#21 Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab)
User count: 3,387
Rating: 5
Switch to Telegram Messenger (Pin Tab) with a single click or a Hot Key (Alt+3)!
#22 Emotes for Messenger Emotes for Messenger
Publisher: Suitangi
User count: 1,329
Rating: 10
Twitch, BTTV and Custom Emotes for Facebook Messenger messages.
#23 Messenger Sneaky Mode - Hide what needs to be Messenger Sneaky Mode - Hide what needs to be
Publisher: Tichyus
User count: 1,271
Rating: 10
You wanted to avoid everyone looking at your messages including the strongest spies, Messenger Sneaky Mode is for you.
#24 Messenger - Theme Selector Messenger - Theme Selector
User count: 1,234
Rating: 53
A theme selector for Facebook's Messenger ( with multiple awesome looking themes!
#25 Messenger Notifier Messenger Notifier
Publisher: luteyguillory8j3
User count: 573
Rating: 62
Conveniently get messenger's notifications, Provide an easy access to
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